Man,Computer  and Mobile

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Today we are going to tell you about some important of  Man,Computer and Mobile . so friends read and share it more …Man,Computer  and Mobile 

Q.  Write an article on ‘ Man, Computer  and Mobile ‘ for  your school magazine with  the help of given inputs –

  1. great invention of science 
  2. widely used in many  fields
  3.  the launching of  satellites
  4. revolutionized mankind 
  5. They are boon 

Answer-                                                  ‘ Man ,Computer  and Mobile ‘

Leaving some  exceptions computer is just like mind of man. In some respects. it is better than the mind . Computer  is a great invention of man.  Computers are now widely used in Banks, Factories, Scientific  stations, Shops , Business firms as well as by  individuals. Computer  has helped man  to reach other planets. The Launching of satellites has become possible only  because of Computers . Computer can make vast and  complicated calculation in schools. It has made man’s  life quicker,easier and  comfortable .

Mobile phone has  revolutionized mankind . it is very useful. It has made vast distances short. A   man from any part of the  world can  contact and  talk through a mobile phone. It has facilitated man’s  life a lot . It has beared the most ordinary man like labourer   and villagers. It has  saved  time , money and  lot of troubles. Now no child or man can  get lost in crowds. if he has  a mobile  phone . It has  made  business flourish . A  businessman can manage the affairs of business from any where . Mobile has  other facilities too . It has  e-mail, photography , twitter , you-tube etc.  It stores  valuable information. It  has helped police in catching culprits . In  function of big  machines , factories , construction of buildings and  bridges it is very useful.  It has become a boon  for  ladies. You can  see any girls  or woman chit-chatting  for long  on her mobile. It is very cheap  also . Now in a little sum you can talk to your friends and relatives.

 So both Mobile and Computers ar boon for the  society . Now we can’t think of a  time when these two  things  are  unavailable .

Man,Computer  and Mobile