Mahatma Gandhi (11th EM)


Today we are going to tell you Mahatma Gandhi (11th EM). friends this lesson is very important for exam. mostly ask this  lesson question & Answer.

10.Mahatma Gandhi (11th EM)

10.Mahatma Gandhi

                                Class – 11th EM          – V.S.Srinivasa Shastri

Q.1. what is the opposite word of ‘Mahatma’ as Gandhiji used to ascribe to himself?

Ans. ‘Alpatma’ is the opposite word of ‘Mahatma’ as Gandhiji used to ascribe to himself.

Q.2. What did Gandhiji subject himself to ?

Ans. Gandhiji subject himself to rigorous self-examination.

Q.3.What did Gandhiji  possess as property?

Ans. Gandhiji  possessed nothing else but  a pair of  coarse KHADDAR that he  wore on his body.

Q.4.what did Gandhiji do  of the  property which he had acquired?

Ans. Gandhiji had  given away al the  property which he had  acquired.

Q.5. What did Gandhiji and  Christ preach equally?

Ans. Gandhiji and Christ equally preached, “Forgive your enemies”.

Q.6.How was Gandhiji regarded universally?

Ans. Gandhiji was regarded universally for high and sublime qualities of his character.

Q.7.How did Gandhi subject him to self –examination?

Ans. Gandhiji asked himself if he  had  said , done or  thought anything unworthy and if  in the  course of that  examination, he discovered some failing some lapse in the  his past, he  prayed most humbly to the  Almighty that he  should be  saved in  future from similar failings and lapses.

Q.8. Explain ‘Piety’. Who is a man of piety?

Ans. Piety is the godly quality of man .it is like the crown of man ‘s character. Piety does not men going to temple or some religious place and give a large part of charity. In true sense, piety dwells in the innermost recesses of our hearts. It does not want any outward expression. One is called the man of piety.

Q.9. Wha t is meant by self-examination? How did Gandhiji practice it ?

Ans. When someone examines oneself whether he is doing good or bad and then he  mends himself , this  is called  self-examination .The man of self  examination stands in the queue of the super human .gandhiji  was not a simple man. He was rarest of the rare. He was God fearing and stern devotee of God. He always called  himself a sinner. These qualities made him a unique man.

Q.10. ‘Forgive is divine’. Prove it on the basis of your study.

Ans. In Hindi forgiveness means ‘kshama’. it means  tolerance. Charitable dealing or charitable  towards others. Forgiveness is the quality to God not of mortals. If someone of mortals possesses this quality, he is certainly the man of super nature. Both Gandhiji and Jesus Christ preached, ‘Love the enemies, forgive thy enemies” .  According to Gandhiji, to forgive one’s own friend or relatives is not forgiveness in true sense. Forgiveness in true sense is to forgive your enemies. It is a really difficult is a divine virtue.

10.Mahatma Gandhi (11th EM)


 Mahatma Gandhi (11th EM)