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Today  we are going to tell you about   M.P,BOARD 10th UNSEEN PASSAGE . FRIENDS ITS VERY HELPFUL TO  EXAMINATION


Q.1. Read the following passage carefully and Answer the questions given below.

Milk is the best food .it has in it water, sugar, fat, vitamins and proteins. people get milk from different animals. In England New Zeeland and many other cold land. There are cows. In hot dry countries like Arabia and  the  middle of Asia there are camels. India there are buffaloes as well as  cows in many places there are goats. The Eskimos have heard of reindeers. They live in the  very cold countries of north America people keeps all these animals and get lots of milk from milk they can make butter and cheese .it is essentials that the milk use should be  pure and germs free impure milk does more harm that goods to the human body.

Questions :  1. Find out  a word from the passage opposite of pure.             

 2.we find camels in ( cold land/ hot countries)

3.which place can we find buffaloes ? (England / India)  

4.why is  milk called the best food ?   

5.what do we make from milk ?

Q.2.Read the following passage carefully &  answer the question given at the end            5

Work is worship and unless we treat it as such neither we nor our country will progress. There is nothing to be  ashamed of doing work. Some people feel that it is  below their dignity to do  certain jobs. It is said that a foreign diplomat once visited Abraham Lincoln when he was president of America. As the  visitor went in .he found the great president polishing his shoes. Shocked at what he saw the diplomat asked him whether he himself polished his shoes. President Lincoln asked, why who polishes yours”? The great Ishwar Chandra Vidhyasagar carried the luggage of a  snobbish young man when the latter was looking around for  a porter to carry the light luggage he had. Mahatma Gandhi too teaches us about   dignity of work .let us follow the examples of great people and realize that labor of dignifying and should be equated with worship.

Questions: (A) According to the passage whose example should we  follow.           

1.Our  own          2 .Others       3. Great people

(B) Supply one word from the passage for ‘Praying to God’.                                     

 (C) Why was the foreign diplomat shocked?

(D) Who carried the luggage of the young man?                                                       

 (E) What does Mahatma Gandhi teach us?

Q.3.Read the following passage carefully & answer the question given at the end.           5

The Himalayas are beautiful mountains in the north of India. They stretch from two thousand miles from Kashmir to Assam .some for the world highest peaks are in the Himalayas. The highest peak is the Mount Everest. The tops of the mountains are covered with snow thought the year. Therefore we call them the Himalayas as or the abodes of snow. Her are many beautiful lakes and forest in the Himalayas. Many passes connect India with Tibet, Turkistan and Afghanistan. Many rivers The Gaga, the Yamuna, the Brahmaputra and the vyas flow from these mountains. The climate and the scenery of these mountains are so charming that people have built many hill stations for pleasure and relaxation.  

Questions: 1 . A narrow gap through mountains …….(Pass/ Stop)               

2. Abode means ……..(School / Home)                                        

3. Why these mountains are called the Himalayas?       

4. Why have people built hill stations in the Himalayas?                                    

5. What makes the Himalayas so charming?

Q.4. you   are  Sonal Sharma studying in class 10th in Govt. Girls Higher secondary   school, Gwalior. Write an application to your principal for full fee concession / Scholarship.


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