M.P.Board Class 12th Gas Paper

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M.P.Board Class 12th Gas Paper

Today we are going to take your  revision test of CLASS-12 .this is a M.P.Board Class 12th Gas Paper.THIS IS VERY USEFUL TO FINAL EXAMINATIONS……

M.P.Board Class 12th Gas Paper

General English -12 th           

M.P.Revision Gas Paper

Q.1. Read the following passage carefully and Answer the questions given below.

Discipline must be enforced early in life. discipline  at home makes for the future greatness of a boy .it forms his character  and makes him a fit  citizen. The child who is allowed to have his own way becomes way-ward. The child who is allowed al sorts of excesses like running about in the sun, exposing himself to cold, eating wholesome things, and as a result will fall ill frequently .A child, whose habits have been disciplined and who has been taught to rise early, attend to his  lesson  properly, take physical exercise at the proper time and  avoid things that are injurious will grow up to be  a useful member of the society. the spoilt child  who has been  allowed to run his own course will show vice contacted in younger days. His parents would wish that he had not  been born at all.

Question-  (A) what does  discipline do for a child:

1.Forms character and fit citizen.                       2. Make child dull          3.Makes him strong 1

(B)How does a boy’s character form:

1.By discipline                                            2. By good habits                          3.Both                       1

(C)  What evils does child pick up when he is  allowed to do  what he likes:

  1. Makes happy himself 2.  Catch cold and  fell ill            3. Develop good habits  1

(D) what are good habits :

  1. Running in the sun   2. Playing all the time       3.Avoid things that are injurious  1

(E) Give a Suitable title :

  1. Important of Discipline  2. Running.                                3.Playing                      1

(F) write antonym of the  word ‘discipline’.    1       

(G) Make noun of the word ‘enforce’.   1

(H) what does ‘Spoilt’ mean ?     1.Greatness  2.Destroye  3.Injurious.                1

(I) what are the disciplined habits given in the passage.                               2

(J) How do the parents of a spoilt child feel?                                                    2

Q.2. Read the following passage carefully and answer the question given below.

People look upon poverty as a great evil and it seems to be unaccepted belief that  if people only had plenty of money, they would  be happy and get more  out of life as a rule, there is more genuine satisfaction and more is obtained from life in the  humble cottages of the  poor men than the place of the rich .i always pity the son   and  daughter of rich men who are attended by servants and have  governesses at a late age at the same time . I am glad to think that they do not know what they have missed.

It is because I know how sweets and happy and pure the home of honest poverty is how free from perplexing cares and from social envies and jealousies how loving and united its members are in the common interest of supporting the family that I sympathize with the rich man’s boy and congratulate the poor man’s son. It is for the reasons that from the ranks of the poor so many strong, eminent, self-reliant men have  always sprung and  always must spring. If you read the list of the immortals who were not born to die, you will find that most of them have been poor.

  1. On the basis of your reading the passage make notes, using heading and subheading. Also use recognizable abbreviations, wherever necessary .supply a suitable title to it        5
  2. Write a summary of the above passage on your notes in about 80 words.              3
Q.3 You are the Cultural Secretary of your school. Draft a notice giving information about the selection of two participants from your school to take  part in the  inter school debate competition.      Or                   5
Your father has been transferred to another city .you want to sell certain household goods. Design a suitable advertisement to be published in local newspapers.
Q.4 Last Sunday you went  to the  hospital  to see a relative who was admitted there . using the following inputs  your visit –
1.Registration counter,
2.people in front of doctor’s room ,
3.surgical ward,nurses attending ,
4.medical ward,patients lying on  their  beds.

Q.5. Write a letter to the collector of your district about the lack of facilities and malfunctioning of the government hospital of your area.               Or                         6                 

Write an application to your principal to issue you course books from the Book Bank.

Q.6. write a letter of complaint against the postman of your area.                Or               6

Write a letter to your friend Vijay congratulating him on his  brilliant success in the  exams.

Q.7.write an essay on  any one of the following topics.                               7

1.My favourite game  2.Corruptions 3.Population problem 4. Wonder of  Science           Or

Write an article on ‘Importance of  trees ’ with the help of verbal input provided.

Trees –gift of nature, Trees provide – oxygen, timber cause – rainfall ,cutting of trees –ecological imbalance, tree plantation drive – whole nation .

Q.8Fill in the blanks                                       5

  1.  ……book you want is not with me.(a, an, the)
  2. you may get malaria….you bitten by a mosquito.(so that, if, thought, before)
  3. How ……milk do you buy daily (all, much, many)
  4. The school …remain closed. (will, must, can)
  5. Cotton is ……in Egypt. (grew, grow, grown)

Q.9.Do as Directed.                                       5

  1. We are collecting stamps. (change into passive voice)
  2. Himalaya is the highest mountain of the world . (Change into positive degree)
  3. As soon as he saw the police, he ran away. (Remove as soon as with no sooner….than)
  4. He does his duty. (Change into negative)
  5. she was happy to have finished the work.(sentence using noun clause)

Q.10.(A) Read the following extract carefully and answer the questions given  below.  6

Teach me to listen ,

lord To my Self

Help me to be less afraid

To trust the voice inside

In the  deepest part of me

Questions : (a)  Name the poet.

(b) Where is the ‘voice’ inside?

(c) The poet asks God to made him.

(B     The police man is a copper,

          It’s a nickname (impolite)

          Yet a copper in the  kitchen,

          Is an  article you light,

Questions: 1. The Name of the poet  is ……

2.What is a nick name ? A name given to a man given……

3.What is s copper in a kitchen ?

Q.11.Answer any two of the following questions.                               4  

1.How can one  reach the temple.

2.what is the Forest Complaint about its life ?

3.What kind of life does the  poet find in the  Woods ?

Q.12.Anwer the following question (Any seven)                     14

1.What was Mini doing in the balcony ?

2.What is the best way to disarm hostility ?

3.Who was Swami Arvasu ?

4.why should we leave our comfort Zone and how?

5.what was the third remarkable thing ? What effect did it have on the  people present?

6.why did Ghasi not buy a bicycle?

7.How is the word ‘spin’ used differently in the poem?

8 why did the new passenger not  notice her hair ?

Q.13.write the central idea of the poem ‘Risks’               Or                  4

Justify the title “ The fun they had”.

Q.14.Answer the following question (Any Four)                             8

  1. What makes ‘ a team’ ‘a whole ‘?
  2. what are the benefits of meditation ?
  3. what risk do we face when we laugh ?
  4. what are the distilled books like?
  5. what is the best time to visit Chitrakoot?

Q.15. How can yu say that nature’s bounty is boundless ?             or         4

      What has the United State Army Discovered?

M.P.Board Class 12th Gas Paper

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