M.P.BOARD 18.India Through A Traveller’s Eyes


Some important questions and answer of class -12th M.P.BOARD 18.India Through A Traveller’s Eyes   18.India Through A Traveller’s Eyes

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M.P.BOARD 18.India Through A Traveller’s Eyes                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Q.1.Describe the  people of  Kashmir.    2014   (sup14)              

Ans. The people of Kashmir are often fair .The women have radish brown hair and blue eyes. They are thought to be beautiful .The kashmiris have lovely cream skin and the features are like the Greek.

Q.2. In what ways had post –Independence India influenced the world?  Sup15

Ans. India has Managed to maintain her Independence .she has produced superior individuals. People of India have put to good use the English gave and left, the knowledge of the west .they are also benefitted by pure and exquisitely enunciated English. India’s woman became the first woman president of the general assembly of the united nation.

Q.3.What were the author’s comments on the custom of eating with the right hand?

Ans. Her comments were, ‘what is so clean as one’s right hand washed for eating food.

Q.4. Describe the incident at the intellectual’s house that made the author appreciate the place of religion in Indian life.       2014

Ans.  The author was sitting with the hostess in her living room .he saw that an Indian gentleman came in silently and moved to the end of the room, feet. He knelt, his head bowed and remained in that position for a quarter of an hour. When the prayer was over, he went away. The hostess told him that he was her husband’s elder brother who lives far away and comes for prayers at their place.

Q.5.How can you tell that the author had always loved India?2015

Ans.the author says that India had  always been part of the background of her  life. Their family doctor and his wife had told stories about india. Her father toldhim things about India through Buddhism.These things show that she loved India very much.

M.P.BOARD 18.India Through A Traveller’s Eyes