Limits knowledge


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The limits of  knowledge

2.The limits of  knowledge    

                                                                                             – Sharada Ball

General English

Class -11th 

Q.1. who are the two guests according to the old woman?

Ans. Wealth and youth are the two guests according to the old woman.

Q.2.Who are the Indra and Yama?

Ans. Indra and Yama are the two kings. Indra is the king of gods while Yama is the king of death.

Q.3. who are the two Sadhus?

Ans.  Modesty and contentment are the two sadhus.

Q.4. who are the two defeated in the world?

Ans. The two defeated men are a man burdened with debt and the father of a girl who hasn’t got good qualities.

Q.5.why did the old woman pretend not to know them?

Ans. According to the woman the king and his companion had become too proud of their wealth and learning. Hence she pretended not to know them in order to bring them down to earth.

Q.6.king Bhoj was a learned man .on what basis would you support this statement?

Ans. He was well versed in sculpture, architecture, science and engineering .apart from these he was well versed in astrology, music as well as theatre. He also used to delve deep into the highest question of ethics and philosophy.

Q.7. why in your opinion did the old woman describe wealth and youth as guests?

Ans. Guest come and stay for a short time. they don’t come to stay permanently. Both youth and wealth do not stay with a person permanently. They come and depart after some time .hence the old woman described them as guest.  

The limits of  knowledge


Limits knowledge