Latest Meaning 2019

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Latest Meaning  –  2019

1. Femme fatale – सुन्दर पर खतरनाक स्त्री

Sentences – Mata Hari suited to the  role of femme fatale  during the second world war .

2. Corroborative – पुष्ट करने बाला

Sentences  –  She produced a  corroborative evidence of her  innocence before the court .

3. Move out  –  पुराना घर छोड़ देना

Sentences – He couldn’t pay his rent so he had to move out.

4.Icecap – बर्फ से ढका हुआ

Sentences – North and south poles are always covered with ice cap.

5.Freebie – मुफ्त उपहार

Sentences  – She got these two mugs as freebie with Maltova .

6 . Dream Come true – सपना सच होना

Sentences – Today my dream come true .

Latest meaning 2019


Latest Words -2019

Latest Meaning 2019