Landmarks of the world

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today  we are going to tell you some  important  Landmarks of the world  World Famous Firsts friends World Famous Firsts  is  know about  who is first  in the world .   World Famous Firsts

World Famous First 

Landmarks of the world

Famous Firsts

Q. Write the name of these  famous people .

1.Name the Portuguese explorer who sailed around  the world from 15199 to 1522 .

Ans. Franklin D. Roosevelt

2. The first two men  to reach  the top of Mount Everest , on 29 May 1953  were  Tenzing Norgay and  …..

Ans.Edmund Hillary

3. The European  explorer  born in Italy known  to have  discovered  America  was ……

Ans. Christopher  Columbus

4. The First Voyage from  Europe  around Africa to india was  made  because European  traders wanted to find a sea route to India instead of going  overland . It was  made  by a Portuguese  explorer in 1497 . His name was  ………

Ans.  Vasco da Gama

5. He was  Corsican soldier who crowned   himself Emperor of France in  1804 . He was  finally defeated at the  Battle of Waterloo in 1815 . Who  was  he ?

Ans. Napoleon Bonaparte

6.  He is regarded as  the  driving force  behind the  creation of Germany . He  Said problem should be  settled by  ‘Blood and iron’ . Because  of this , he  was known as  the  Iron Chancellor .Who was  he  ?

Ans.  Bismarck

7.  No American President today is allowed to serve for  more than  ten  consecutive years . Who was  the first to be  President of The  USA four time – in  1932 ,1936,1940 and 1944 ?

Ans.  Franklin D. Roosevelt

8. He was  born  in Germany in  1818  and died in Britain in 1883 . He wrote   The  Communist Manifesto and  Das  Capital . Who  was  he ?

Ans.  Karl Marx

Famous Firsts

Landmarks of the world

The World has  Various  Building ,Structures and  Monuments.

1. The Colosseum         –   Rome  Italy 

2. The  Otala Palace     –  Lihasa ,Tibet 

3. The  Sphinx         –  Giza  ,Egypt 

4. CN Tower          –  Toronto  , Canada

5.  Ostankino  Tower   – Moscow  , Russia 

6. The  Kremlin  –   Moscow  , Russia 

7. The Golden Gate  Bridge  – San Francisco , USA 

8. The Acropolis  – Athens , Greece 

9. The Rock of Gibraltar  –  Gibraltar 

World Famous Firsts


Landmarks of the world