Lakshmi and the doll

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General English

class – 11th 

  6.Lakshmi and the doll 


Q.1. what did  Lakshmi’s mother-in-law give her  when she was dying?

Ans. Her mother-in- law gave her a wooden doll.

 Q.2. How did lakshmi behave towards the doll?

Ans. She gave the same respect to it as  she gave to her  mother-in-law.

Q.3. why did Lakshmi go to the jungle?

Ans. She went to the jungle to collect firewood.

Q.4. why did they flee?

Ans. When the doll struck the head of the leader of the group, they thought that they had been attacked.

Q.5. what happened to  Lakshmi’s husband when he was returning home?

Ans. While he was passing through the jungle, three robbers looted his belongings.

Q.6. why did she climb a tree?

Ans. She climbed the tree because it was safe to sit there during the night.

Q.7. “True faith and devotion is the key to success.” Eleborate this statement keeping in view the story of  Lakshmi.

Ans. Lakshmi has full faith in her mother-in-law. She was completely devoted to her and to the wooden doll given by her. The doll struck the head of the leader of the robbers at the right time. They got scared and run away. This saved Lakshmi from being caught and harassed by them. Not only this,it was  instrumental in  retrieving her  husband’s belongings which were  looted by  the  robbers. Thus we can say that true faith and devotion is the key to success.

Lakshmi and the doll