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TODAY We are going to tell you Known Around the world . what is going on Known Around the world . friends this is very useful to all competitve examinations purpose . 

Around the world

Choose the correct answer

Q.1. What do most People in Hong Kong and  Tariwan speak ?

(A) Mandarin      (B) Hebrew    (C)  Latin

Ans.  (A) Mandarin

Q.2. ‘Kung Fu’ is a  Chinese  word  which means  –

(A) Play + time       (B) Fight + defend     (C)  merit + Master

Ans. (A) Play + time

Q.3.  where is it  good manners  to stick  your  tongue at  guests ?

(A)  Singapore        (B) Tibet       (C)  Poland

Ans. (B) Tibet

Q.4. What is the official language of Iron ?

(A)   Irani       (B)  Persian      (C)  Arabic

Ans. (A)  Irani

Q.5. What is the highest  Civilian Award of America ?

(A)  Valour Award        (B) Rooservelt  Award     (C)  The Presidential Medal of Awards

Ans.  C)  The Presidential Medal of Awards

Q.6. Thses People do not  shake  hands when they meet or say  goodbye . They bow  instead .

(A)    Chinese        (B)  Japanese       (C)   Australians

Ans. (B)  Japanese

Q.7. the Song  ………….    Is  one of  the world’s   most popular songs . t is sung  in  almost every country and  at least once a year for you .

(A)   Jana Gana Mana         (B)  Twinkle Twinkle        (C)   Happy Birthday to …….

Ans. (C)   Happy Birthday to …….

Q.8.  The Indian flag has saffron, deep green and white strips. What does white stand for  ?

(A)   Peace and  Truth         (B)  Power         (C)   Brotherhood

Ans. (A)   Peace and  Truth

Q.9.  Who won  the gold  medal  in  men’s Javelin   throw and   made  a new  record at the  2008  Olympics ?

(A)   Andreas Thorkildsen        (B)    Rajyavardhan Singh  Rathore             (C)   None of these

Ans.  (A)   Andreas Thorkildsen

Q.10.  Who won the  2012  London Olympics bronze medal in  the  10 m Air  Rifle event ?

. (A)  Abhinav Bindra      (B)   Gagan Narang           (C)   None of these

Ans.  (B)   Gagan Narang

Q.11.  The Smallest Country in the  World is

(A)   Vatican City          (B) London          (C)  Tokyo

Ans.  (A)   Vatican City

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Known Around the world