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Q.  Answer the following Questions  .

Q.1. The oldest Veda is the

Ans.  (Rig Veda)

Q.2. The name of Gautam Buddha’s mother was ……….

Ans.  The  Maha Maya

Māyā married King Kapilvastu. She was the daughter of King Śuddhodhana’s uncle and therefore his cousin; her father was king of Devadaha.

Māyā and King Suddhodhana did not have children for twenty years into their marriage. According to legend, one full moon night, sleeping in the palace, the queen had a vivid dream. She felt herself being carried away by four devas (spirits) to Lake Anotatta in the Himalayas. After bathing her in the lake, the devas clothed her in heavenly cloths, anointed her with perfumes, and bedecked her with divine flowers. Soon after a white elephant, holding a white lotus flower in its trunk, appeared and went round her three times, entering her womb through her right side.

According to Buddhist tradition, the Buddha-to-be was residing as a Bodhisattva  in the Tusita  heaven, and decided to take the shape of a white elephant to be reborn on Earth for the last time. Māyā gave birth to Siddharta c. 563 BCE. The pregnancy lasted ten lunar months. Following custom, the Queen returned to her own home for the birth. On the way, she stepped down from her PALANQUIN to have a walk under the Sal tree (Shorea robusta), often confused with the  ASHOKA TREE (Saraca asoca), in the beautiful flower garden of Lumbani  Park, Lumbani  Zone , Nepal. Maya Devi was delighted by the park and gave birth standing while holding onto a sal branch. Legend has it that Prince Siddhārtha emerged from her right side. It was the eighth day of April. Some accounts say she gave him his first bath in the Puskarini pond in Lumbani  Zone . But legend has it that devas  caused it to rain to wash the newborn baby. He was later named Siddhārtha, “He who has accomplished his goals” or “The accomplished goal”.

Q.3. ………….. has  twenty – four great  teacher called   Tirthankaras.

Ans. Jainism

Q.4.  The  Aligarh  Movement was started by  …………

Ans.  Sir Syed Ahmad  Khan

Born : 17th October 1817 Delhi

Died : 27th March 1898, Aligarh

Father : Saiyad Muhammad Muttaqi,
Mother : Azizun Nisa Begum
Wife : Parsa Begum(Mubarak) Married : 1836
Children : Saiyad Hamid, Saiyad Mahmud and Amina.

Biography: Hayat-e-Javed (By Maulana Altaf Husain Hali)

“ Hai Dileri daste-arbab-e-siyaasat ka Aasa` “

“Sir Saiyad was a prophet of education “ (Mahatma Gandhi)

“The real greatness of the man (Sir Saiyad) consists in the fact that he was the first Indian Muslim who felt the need of a fresh orientation of Islam and worked for it’’ (Sir Allama Iqbal)


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