King Vikramaditya

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Today we are going to tell you  King Vikramaditya

13.King vikram in Disguise

Q.1.who was king Vikramaditya ?

Ans. He was a just and  fair ruler of the kingdom of Ujjain.

Q.2. what did  the  king see through the  cracks in the  wall of the  hut?

Ans. He saw a weeping old man in the  corner , a woman  whose head  was shaven was  dancing , and a young man  was  singing.

Q.3. what did the king  pretend to be ? why ?

Ans.The king pretended himself to be a travel from java. He wanted to know the reason of all what he saw.

Q.4. why did the young woman sell her stresses?

Ans. The old man wanted that when royalty visited them, they should present him a silver bowl. They had no money for this .so the young woman sold her stresses.

                                                                         14.Bond of Love

Q.1. where has the messenger come from ?

Ans. The messenger has come from Udaipur.

Q.2. who has sent the messenger?

Ans. Queen Karnavati has sent the messenger.

Q.3.  what was Karnavati’s message to Humayan ?

Ans. The message was that  Rani Karnavati requested  Humayun  as her  brother  to  help her   in  protecting  Udaipur and  her  people.

Q.4. why did  Humayun called the ‘Red threat ‘  a big  thing ?

Ans.  He called the ‘ Red thread’  a big thing  because  it was  a bond of  love and  affection.

Q.5. what message did  Humayun  send  to  Rani Karnavati ?

Ans.  He  sent  the  message that from  that  moment onwards the Mughal Emperor, was  her  brother.he was  going  to help his  dear sister. He considered it a great   honour to have  a sister like her.

King Vikramaditya