Keeping Quiet 

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Poetry – 

2.Keeping Quiet  

                                                                          – Pablo Neruda

 Poetry  –

Now we will count to twelve

And we will all keep still .

     For once on the  face of the earth

     Let’s not speak in any language

     Let’s stop for one second

     And not move our arms so much.

It would be an  exotic moment

Without rush, without  engines,

We would all be together

In a sudden strangeness .

     Fishermen in the  cold sea

     Would not harm whales

    And  the man  gathering salt

    Would  look at his hurt hands.

These who  prepare green wars,

Wars with gas ,wars with fire,

Victory with no  survivivors, 

would put on clean clothes and walk

 about with their brothers in the shade ,

doing nothing.

What I want should not be confused

 with total inactivity.

Life is  what it is about :

 I want no truck with death.

 If we were not so single –

minded about keeping our

 lives moving.Perhaps a huge

 silence might interrupt this sadness of

never understanding ourselves with  death.

Perhaps the earth can teach us as when 

everything seems dead and  later proves to be alive. 

Now I’ll count up to twelve and you keep quiet and  I will go .

 Keeping Quiet 

Q.1. What will counting up to  twelve and keeping still help us  achieve?

Ans. Counting twelve and keeping still will help us to start  our activities in a  nice way . we can also feel the mutual understanding among us.

Q.2. what is the ‘sadness’ that the poet refers to in the poem ?

Ans.  The ‘sadness’ that the poet refers to in the poem  those who  remain all the  time busy  in worldly activities can never understand themselves.

Q.3. Why does the poet  tell us to count twelve?

Ans.  The poet asks us to  count twelve because there are only twelve  hour sign on the clock to measure hours.

Q.4. Why does the poet ask us to keep still ?

Ans.  The poet wants to keep us still because peace may help in finding the solution to  our problems.

Q.5. What should we do for a second?

Ans.  We should stop to do anything for a second.

Q.6. What kind of moment it would be?

Ans.  It would be an exotic moment .

Q.7. What will be the effect at that time?

Ans. All of us will enjoy the sudden strangeness and unusualness of that moment.

Q.8. What do the fishermen  do in the cold sea?

Ans.  They catch whale fish in the  cold sea.

Q.9. What should the fishermen  not do?

Ans. They should not hurt the whale in the sea.

Q.10. how many kinds of war mentioned  in the stanza? Name them .

Ans. They are  – Green wars; wars with gases, wars with fire.

Q.11. What should the war soldiers do ?

Ans. The war soldier should put on clean clothes . they should make the friendly behaviour with their other brothers and they should walk under shade tree.

Q.12. Where should we focus on ?

Ans. We should focus on to  learn to give us rest.

Q.13.  what can earth teach?

Ans. The earth can teach us how to live on it .

Q.14. Why does the poet say  to us to keep still ?

Ans. The poet wants to say  to so our  worldly activities for a few moment and do some quiet introspection. It helps us  to  understand ourselves. It refresh us to do our work in a better way.

Q.15. What is an ‘exotic moment’ the poet Pablo Neruda wishes for ?

Ans. According to poet “The moment of Quiet introspection “  . he calls it exotic because it gives us something strange feeling. We shall able to  feel and understand ourselves .

Q.16. ‘Life is what  it is all about …” How is keeping quiet related to life?

Ans.  Keeping quiet  relaxes our body and mind . we can re-start  our activities in a better and  meaning ful manner. Hence keeping quiet is very closely related to life.

Q.17. find words from stanza which means –

Keeping Quiet 

Count  – say number

Still –  motionless

Face –surface

Enticing  – charming

Sudden – at once

Fishermen  –  those who catch fish

Whale  – largest fish

Gathering  – collecting

Survivors  – those left alive

Put on  – wear

Win –victory

Inactivity  – the act of doing  nothing

Truck with  – association with

Vast  -huge

Appears –seems

Dead  – not living

Silent – quiet

Keeping Quiet 


Keeping Quiet