kasturba Gandhi

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Today we are going to tell  you about  some important Questions and answer of lesson 2 & 3  of class -9  kasturba Gandhi .friends this is very important questions and answer .so friends read it and update yourself……..

General English 

Class -9 

2.Kasturba Gandhi

Q.1.who was kasturba Gandhi ?

Ans.She was the daughter of a prosperous businessman of Porbandar  (Kathiawar).

Q.2.why was she arrested in 1939?

Ans. She was arrested in 1939 for participating in the  Rajkot Satyagraha.

Q.3. what happened on 22 February 1944?

Ans.Kasturba died in  detention on 22 february 1944.

Q.4.what great event happened in the  years 1897,1915,,1918,1932,1939,1944.

Ans. In 1897-women’s satyagraha in south Africa.

1915– Indigo workers campaign in kaira Gujarat.

1932-picking liquor and foreign cloth shops.

1939- Rajkot Satyagraha. 1944- Death of Kasturba Gandhi.

3.The school for Sympathy

Q.1. why do you think the write wanted to  visit Mis Beam’s school ?

Ans. He wanted to visit Miss Beam’s school because he had heard a lot about it.

Q.2.On which day is ‘sitting down’ such a relief ? why ?

Ans. On blind day sitting down  is  such a relief, because if the  child  walks, he  feels he is going to be  hit  by something every moment.

 kasturba Gandhi

 kasturba Gandhi