INVOCATION (मंगलाचरन)

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Today we are going to tell you about of class  -12 EM of  Lesson -1  INVOCATION   ( मंगलाचरन  ) translated  FROM Atharva Veda  friends its very useful lesson   so read and share it if you like  INVOCATION   ( मंगलाचरन  )


INVOCATION   ( मंगलाचरन  )

Extract –  

1. Let  us have  concord (मित्रता) with our own  (स्वम)people ,

 And concord with people who are strangers( अजनवी ) to us;

Asvins (द्विदेव ), create (रचना ) between us and the strangers 

a unity of hearts.(संवेदना )

Questions  : 

  1. Who does ‘us’  in the  first line refer o?
  2.  …………… has been made to unite the whole people .
  3. Find a word which means ‘ cordiality’.
  4. what  should  we  creat between us and  the strangers?

Answers : 

  1. Worldly People  
  2. An invocation 
  3. Concord 
  4. we should create a unity of hearts between us and the strangers.

Extract – 

 2. May we unite in our minds unite in our purposes ,

and not fight against the divine spirit within us.

Let not the battle- cry rise amidst many stain,

nor the arrows of the War – God fall with the  break of the day.

Questions : 

 1.  what sort of unity does the first line refer to ?

2. we should  not fight against  ………………….

3.  find a word which means same as ‘to kill’.

4. what should we not let rise?

Answers : 

  1. The poet talks about the  unity of minds and purposes. Our actions should reflect our soulful mind.
  2.  the divine spirit within us .
  3. slain.
  4. we should not let the battle – cry rise amidst many slain. We should control the situations leading to war and  fights.

Some  Important  Questions

Lesson – 1

Q. Answer the following question.

Q.1. Who are the Asvins?

Ans. Asvins are the  dual gods who symbolise  perfect  unity of the  natives and the strangers.

Q.2.what does ‘concord’ mean?

Ans. ‘Concord’ means ‘friendship and peace among people and countries.

Q.3. Why does the speaker invoke the gods-Asvins?

Ans. Asvins are the dual god who symbolise  perfect  unity of the  natives and the strangers. The poet here , while making invocation for unity , invokes the gods Asvins in order to establish perfect  concord and harmony  between our countrymen and the foreigners.

Q.4. Why does the speaker not want the battle cry to be raised?  

Ans. The poet here  intends to establish peace in the  world. He  wishes for the  unity among people by  having concord among  ourselves and also  with the  aliens. He  denigrates them because they are the vital  causes for all  ruins. People are victimised . .Battles  never resolve any problem but add many  more, leaving  a lot of unanswered questions and  unending cries without  end. we  have already suffered a lot . Any  more  cry will finish us completely.  Hence we should make efforts to  resolve  our differences by  peaceful ways.

Q.5.How does the speaker wish to achive concord ?

Ans. This poem is an  invocation for  the  establishment of  concord in world.  First ,we should  have  concord with our  own people and then with the strangers.  Here ‘own people’ refers to our countrymen  with whom  we live and share all our  joys and  sorrows. All the time  they are with us . Then  we should have a state of peace with the  strangers the  aliens who contribute to our global vision. We can  achieve this by resolving our disputes  through peaceful ways because battles only ruin us and we should  condemn them.

Q.6. which are the two kinds of people referred to in  the  verse?

Ans.  The first type refers to our  countrymen  while  the  other  refers to  foreign people.


INVOCATION   ( मंगलाचरन  )

INVOCATION   ( मंगलाचरन  )