India : Vision 2020


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  14.India : Vision 2020 (12 HM Q.Ans)

                                                                        -A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Q.1. Describe the modern day achievements of Indians. 2013      sup 15

Ans.   1. We have launched our own missile.

  1. 2. Our It companies and  auto component manufacturers are among the  best in the world.

  2. Agricultural production is  soaring .4. Our pharmaceutical industries are capturing world markets and are set to invent new  drugs.5. Indians professionals are being recognized in their achievements in all parts of the   world.

Q.2 What place does agriculture occupy in vision 2020?  2017

Ans. Agriculture would   become very   remunerative to farmers with the success of  second green revolution . India will have surplus food   products to export to the world after domestic consumption is meet.

Q.3. In which area India will become a global leader?        Sup 14 , 2016

Ans. India will become a global leader in the service sector. It will provide excellent service within and outside of the country.

Q.4. Make a list of civic duties  as  suggested  by Dr. Kalam .    2014,2015

Ans . The civics duties suggested by Dr. Kalam are as follow.

  1. Keep your surrounding clean.2.Planting trees.3.Helping under privileged children.

  2. Keep your school campus clean.

Q.5. What does Dr. Kalam means by having an indomitable spirit?

Ans.  By having an indomitable will Dr. Kalam means that we should be discouraged by the  failures and should go on  with  increased mental strength until the target is achieved.

Q.6. How has the  Indian  IT industry grown ?

Ans. Indian IT  industry has  grown  from  virtually nothing to an industry winning India much global recognition.

Q.7.What makes the author believe that India is ready for action now ? 2014

Ans. The author believes that India is ready for action now: A large number of our population is young and raring for change. There are  inspirational models of  ‘Made in India’ also in  private and public sector.

Q.8. What are the impediments in India’s development?

Ans. Pervasive corruption, mindless bureaucracy and greedy politicians are the  impediments of India’s development.

India : Vision 2020

  14.India : Vision 2020