In The Country Poem extract

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Today we are going to tell you  7.In The Country Poem extract .friends its very important extract this year may ask some questions In The Country Poem extract  

                                        7.In The Country

                                                                                             –  W.H. Davies

                                                    General English

                                                       Class -12  

Q.1.some important meaning-

1. Word                       syn/similar                  Ant/opposite

  Life                                 –                                 death

Sweetest                           –                                 sourest

Wood                               forest                                  –

Hear                                 listen                                  –

White                                –                                  black

Poor                                 –                                 rich

Sad                                   –                                 happy

Wan                                 looking pale and weak                –

 Wretched                        extremely bad/unpleasant          –

Empty                               –                                          full

Admire                              praise                                        –

 Small                               –                                          great

 Starve                              to suffer or die because you do not have enough food to eat

Misery                              great suffering of the mind or body      .

Creeps –          to move slowly ,quietly and carefully because you do not want to be seen or heard.

Groan     – make a long deep sound because you are annoyed,upset or In pain.           

Q.2. Extract…………………………..

But ‘tis a wretched life to face

Hunger in almost every place

Cursed with a hand that’s empty , when

The  heart is full to help all men

Questions :

Q.(a) Find out a word from the poem given above which:  has the  same meaning as – ‘very unhappy’.

Q.(b) Name the poem.

Q.(c) About which place is the poet speaking?

Answer : (a) Wretched     (b)  In the country

(c) The Poet is speaking about city life.

 Q.3. Extract……………………………

Can I admire the statue great ,

When Living man starve at its feet?

Can I admire the park’s green tree,

A roof for homeless misery?

Questions   :

(a) Name the poet :

      (i) Sri Aurobindo        (ii) W.H. Davies                  (iii) William Rands         (iv)  Anonymous.

(b) Give the meaning of the  word ‘starve’:

     (i) Die  of hunger         (ii) Labour hard         (iii) Work comfortably     (iv) Live unhappy.

(c) What is the poet unable in admire?

(d) Why does the poet say that  he cannot admire the great picture?           Or

Give the Noun form  of ‘admire’.

Answers :  (a) (ii) W.H. Davies     (b) (i) Die  of hunger

(c) He is unable to admire the great statue and parts green tree.

(d) He cannot do because living man starve at its feet.            Or     admiration.

In The Country Poem extract

In The Country Poem extract