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Today we are going to tell you  IMPORTANT SEA   Waves on the sleepless sea .friends this post of class – 11 HM .friends read this blog and update your self .friends these are some important question and answer so read it.Waves on the sleepless sea  sleepless sea IMPORTANT SEA  

Waves on the sleepless sea

10. Waves on the sleepless sea

                                                                                                                                     –  Swami Ramatirtha

Q.1. who are the nearest relations of nature?

Ans. The trees and the wood are its nearest relatives.

Q.2. where does the heart of nature beat?

Ans.  The heart of nature beats in rocks.

Q.3. what  does the  flower symbolize?

Ans. The flower symbolizes the freshness of its love.

Q.4. why does the poet describe sea as sleepless?

Ans. The poet describes the sea as sleepless because its wave keeps on rising day and night.

Q.5. state at least six objects through which nature describes herself.

Ans. Nature describes herself by trees of the wood, rocks, clay,fog, blooming flowers, running water and  the waves of the  sea  moving up and  down. These are the six  things.

Waves on the sleepless sea

Waves on the sleepless sea


Waves on the sleepless sea

sleepless sea