important passage 

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Today we are going to tell you some important passage   so friends read and share it  its very important to exam  for class-10 CBSE  important  passage


important passage 

CLASS- 10th  

  Q.1. Read the passage carefully and answer the questions given below. (5)

Mary was blind at birth. Doctors during those years had been unable to do anything to correct the situation and although her parents lived in anguish, not being able to see was normal for her. After years of training to live in a dark world, Mary got a job and moved into her own flat. Several years later the doctors she occasionally visited for check-ups told her that a new technique had been found. This technique could restore her sight. One would think that Mary would have jumped at the possibility to see, but actually she was not at all happy about this situation. She had never seen anything before. She had established a life for herself in a world without sight and the thought of changing this lifestyle was frightening. She was more frightened of seeing than of not.

Q (i) One who cannot see is called _.

A) deaf

B)  dumb

C)  lame

D) blind

Ans. (D) blind


Q (ii) Being able to see was .

A) something Mary was not happy

B) what Mary

C) a welcome surprise for

D) what Mary was accustomed

Ans.   (A) something Mary was not happy with.

Q (iii) According to the passage, Mary’s inability to see was _ .

A) a handicap caused by her

B) what had upset

C) present from her

D) what had caused her to move into her own

Ans.  (C) present from her  birth .

Q (iv) Mary got a job after _           

A) she could

B) years of training to live in a dark

C) She had left her

D) The doctors had found a new

Ans.  (B)  years of training to live in a dark world .


Q (v) Find out the word from the passage which is similar to ‘pain’              

A) several

B)  sight

C)  frightened

D) anguis

Ans.  (D) anguis

  important passage

Q.2. Read the passage carefully and answer the questions given below: (5)

The natural place for all bacteria is the soil. When soil dries it may become dust and be carried about in the air with the bacteria. One might think that because of this the country would be a most unhealthy place. But this is not true. There is in the country air always more or less moisture to which these dust particles will cling and which will be carried to the ground; while in the dwelling-house in the city the air is usually dry so that the dust bodies fill the air. The old-fashioned dusting or sweeping stirs up the particles and forces them back into the air again. That is why vacuum cleaners are used so much today instead of a broom.

Q-(i) Which is the natural place for bacteria?

(A) water

(B) soil

(C) air

(D) sky

Ans.   (B) soil


Q-(ii) Vacuum cleaners are better than brooms because

A) vacuum cleaners are

B) brooms are old-fashioned.

C) vacuum cleaners absorb the dust

D) they do not send dust particles into the air

Ans.  (C) vacuum cleaners absorb the dust particles.


Q-(iii) The moisture in the country air is responsible for

A) filling the air with

B) turning the soil into

C) returning the bacteria to the

D) making the country an unhealthy

Ans.  (A) filling the air with dust


Q-(iv) The word ‘country’ in the passage means

A) India

B) any country

C) the rural area

D) the urban area

Ans.  (B) any country


Q-(V) The noun form of ‘true’ is_         _.

A) truly

B) truthful

C) untrue

D) truth

Ans.  (D) truth

important  passage

important passage