important Passage 

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important Passage

Class – 11th  


Q.1.Read the following passage and answer the questions on the basis of comprehension of  the                      10 marks

Academics has always been an essential part of human development. It prepares us to survive in the outside world and establish an identity of our own. But, is an individual’s development restricted to merely academics? In India, from an early age, we have been taught that education is limited to the boundaries of academics only; the idea of  getting out into  the field, for gaining practical experience,  is always considered a hoax. This has hindered students’ development. But the truth  is  that  education represents a considerably broader field than we know of it. Our teaching, from the basics, has been focused on getting good grades and job offers, rather than being creative and unique.

In the 21stcentury, the pure academic type of education is slowly paving way for a whole new type. The paradigm shift in the whole education system is evident. People have now come to understand that education is a 360degree activity that should focus on students’ overall development,  rather  than restricting him/her to the classroom.

Co-curricular activities that take place outside the classroom but reinforce or supplement classroom curriculum, in some way, have become a point of focus today. These activities help in the growth of the child, in more than one way. Participating in such activities helps youngsters grow mentally, socially and individually. Intellectual development of a student  is  developed  in the  classroom, but  for the aesthetic development such as team- building, character- building, and physical growth, students must step out into the outside world. For instance, if a student is a part of school football team, he/ she will learn team- work and coordination, in a practical manner, which cannot be taught  in the class.


1.What is an essential part of human development?

(a)identity (b)experience            (c)academics       (d) curriculum

Ans. (c)academics

2.What is considered a hoax?

(a)academics (b)education          (c)practical experience (d) coordination

Ans. (c)practical experience

3. What has hindered students’ development?

(a)working in outside world  (b)learning team work (c)gaining practical experience  (d) limiting education to boundaries of academics

Ans. (d) limiting education to boundaries of academics

4. The shift in education system means-

(a) to restrict classroom activities    (b)to ignore 360-degree development (c)to focus on  overall development     (d)to develop academics only

Ans. (c)to focus on  overall development

5. Which of the following is similar in meaning to the word ‘hoax’-

(a) truth        (b) untrue                  (c)unmask            (d) uncover

Ans. (b) untrue

6. Which activities have become a point  of  focus today?

(a)classroom activities                                (b)academic activities

(c)teaching activities                                   (d)co-curricular activities

Ans. (a)classroom activities

7. Why must students step out into the outside world?

(a) to see the world                                     (b)for physical development

(c) for aesthetic development                (d)  for mental development

Ans. aesthetic developmen

8. The word ‘century’ means-

(a) 10 years (b)100 years             (c)10000years      (d) 1000years

Ans. (b)100 years

9. Which of the following is the correct antonym of ‘unique’-

(a) rare                                    (b)common                (c)special                   (d)unusual

Ans. (b)common

10. Classroom teaching provides-

(a) practical exposure                      (b)chance to learn other skills

(c)the foundation                             (d) limitless opportunities for development

Ans. (c)the foundation

important Passage