Important grammar -2020

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Today we are going to tell you about of some Important grammar -2020

Important grammar -2020

Important Grammar -2020

Question : objective for preposition  & Articles :

  1. Ram is sitting ……. Radha and Sapna . ( Between  / Among )
  2. ………….. moon walks slowly and silently ( A /An  /The )
  3. Monday comes  ………Sunday   (Before  / After)
  4. We ………… obey our teacher   ( ought to  / Should  / must)
  5. The book is ……….. the table   . ( on / upon )
  6. I have read …………. Books  ( many / much  )
  7. Physics ………. Not a difficult subject . (is / are )
  8. She ……….  An apple daily .  (eat /eats)
  9. The Chair  was  ………………. By the student  . ( break  / broken )
  10. She ……………… her home work daily  .(do /does)

Answer  –   1. Between     2. The     3. After     4.  Should      5.  On 

  1. many 7. Is 8 .  eats      9. Broken      10.  Does.

Question :  1.  Important sentence for examinations

1.वह  पत्र  लिखता  है

He writes  a letter .

2.मीना चित्र बनाती  है

Meena  draws a picture.

3.वह तीन घंटे सें  क्रिकेट  खेल  रहा  है

He has been playing cricket for three hours.

4.मोहन के दो  भाई है

Mohan has two brother .

5.क्य तुम अपना ग्रह कार्य कर चुके हो?

Have you  done your home work?

6.वे स्कूल नहीं आये

They did not come to school.

7.श्याम कहां  रहता है ?

Where does shyam live?

8.मोहन स्कूल जाता है

Mohan goes to school.

9.वर्षा हो रही है

It is raining.

10.आज छुट्टी है

Today is a holiday.

11.तुम मेरे दोस्त हो

You are my friend.

12.क्य तुम  तैर  सकते हो?

Can you swim?

13.मेरे स्कूल मे 20 कमरे है

There are twenty rooms in my school.

14.तुम मेरे भाई हो

You are my brother.

15.आज सोमवार है

Today is Monday .

16. शोर मत करो

Don’t make a noise .

17.मे कार चलाता हू

I drive a car.

18.ईमानदारी  सबसें  अच्छी  नीति है

Honesty is the best policy.

19.मेरी क्लास मे 50 विद्यार्थी है

There are fifty student in my class.

20.सूर्य पूर्व सें  उगता  है

The sun rises in the east.

21.दरवाजा बंद करो

Shut the door .

22.कृपया  अपनी किताबें  खोलों

Please , open your books.

23.तुम कहां रहते हो ?

Where do you live ?

24.तुम्हारा नाम क्या है?

What is your name ?

25.भोपाल म. प्र . की राजधानी है

Bhopal is the capital of M.P.

26.माँ खाना बना चुकी है

Mother has cooked food.

27.सूरज पश्चिम दिशा मे अस्त  होत है

The sun sets in the west.

28.आप कैसे हो ?

How are you?

29.माँ  खाना  बनाती  है .

Mother cooks food.

30.क्या मैं अंदर  आ  सकता  हू ?

May I come in ?

Important grammar -2020

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