important extract the Frog

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Today we are going to tell you about some important extract in poem The Frog and the Nightingale

important extract the Frog important extract the Frog


12.The Frog and the Nightingale

                                                                          –  Vikram Seth

Q.3. Extract – 3

You must make your public happier.

Give them something sharper, snappier.

We must aim for better billings.

You still owe me sixty shilling,

Q.1. Whom does the pronoun ‘you’ refer here?

Ans. The Pronoun ‘you’ refers to ‘the nightingale’ here.

Q.2. Whom does the pronoun ‘them’ refer here?

Ans. The Pronoun ‘them’ refers to the ‘audience’ here.

Q.3. Who advises whom here and what?

Ans. The frog as a critic advises the nightingale to make improvement in her art of singing to make her audience happier.

Q.4. From the stanza find out the words which are the   opposites to (a) More blunt (b) worse.

Ans.  (a) Sharper     (b) better


Q.4. Extract -4

And the ticket office gross

Crashed, and she grew more morose

For her ears were now addicted

To applause quite unrestricted,

And to sing into the night

All alone gave no delight.

Q.1.Why did the total income decline?

Ans. The total income declined because the number of audience came down.

Q.2.How did this decline affect the nightingale?

Ans. The decline affected the nightingale because she became miserable.

Q.3. Who was affected most by the decline of income and why?

Ans. The frog was affected most by the decline because the money got by selling tickets, went into his own pocket.

Q.4. Why was the nightingale not happier to sing?

Ans. The nightingale was not happier to sing because she had become habitual of listening to the clapping around her. Now the audience began to neglect her singing.


Q.5. Extract – 5

Said the frog; ‘I tried’ to teach her,

But she was a stupid creature –

Far too nervous, far too tense,

Far too prone to influence.

Well, poor bird-she should have known

That your song must be your own.

Q.1. What according to the frog, did he try to do with her?

Ans. The frog tried to make improvement in the nightingale’s art of singing.

Q.2. Whom does the pronoun ‘her’ refer to here?

Ans. The Pronoun ‘her’ refers to the nightingale here.

Q.3. Whom does the frog call ‘a stupid creature’?

Ans. The frog calls the nightingale ‘a stupid creature’.

Q.4. Describe the miserable condition of the nightingale?

Ans. The nightingale became nervous and full of tension. She failed to influence her audience.

important extract the Frog