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today we are going to tell about of  pronoun  and  how many kinds of pronoun ……..11 KINDS OF PRONOUN

Pronoun ( सर्वनाम )

Pronoun : –   A  Pronoun is a word which is  used in place of a noun is called a pronoun.

Example – He ,she ,it etc.

Kinds of Pronoun : –

  1. Personal Pronoun

  2. Interrogative Pronoun

  3. Demonstrative Pronoun

  4. Reflexive Pronoun

  5. Relative Pronoun

  6. Indefinite Pronoun

  7. Emphatic Pronoun

  8. Distributive Pronoun

  9. Exclamatery Pronoun

  10. Impersonal Pronoun

  11. Reciprocal Pronoun


  1. Personal Pronoun : – it is a pronoun which denotes the speaker person spoken to  or  person spoken of .

Kinds of personal Pronoun  :

First Person : –  A Person which is  denotes the speaker.

Example –  I,  me, us,we

Second Person : –   It is a pronoun which shows the person spoken to . Example  – you ,your

Third Person : –  It is  a person which denotes the  person spoken of . Example  – he ,she, it.


  1. Interrogative Pronoun : – words used to make a direct Question are called  interrogative 

Example – What , who, whose ,which etc.

  1. Demonstrative Pronoun : –  The words that  are  used to point out an object are  called  demonstrative pronoun.

Example –  This ,that , these, those  ,such  etc.

  1. Reflexive Pronoun : – when Self is added to  a personal Pronoun to show that the  person  does some work himself it is  called  Reflexive Pronoun.

Example  – Ram gave me this book himself.

  1. Relative Pronoun : – A Person  which refers to  some noun before  it and  joints sentences is called  a relative Pronoun. Example – Who , which ,whose.
  2. Indefinite Pronoun : – A Pronoun which do not  indicate Person, things are called indefinite Pronoun.

Example –  Some , many, all etc.

  1. Emphatic Pronoun : – They Pronouns which  add in Self or  Selves that are  force in Subject  are called  Emphatic Pronoun.

Example  – My Self do it.

  1. Distributive Pronoun : – the Word which refers to person or thing/things one at a time is called a Distributive Pronoun.

Example – each  of the students gets a prize.

  1. Exclamatory Pronoun : – They  Pronoun which show fast feeling ,harsh Exclamatory are called  Exclamatory Pronoun .

Example –  What ! he has  failed.

  1. Impersonal Pronoun : – when Pronoun is used in noun that understood are called impersonal pronoun.

Example – it is raining .(Water)

It is blowing hard .(wind)

It is 7 o’clock. (time)

  1. Reciprocal Pronoun :- when two pronoun come together and show  the reciprocal are called reciprocal pronoun.

Example  – Rohit and Raju fought with each other.


  1. Pick out the pronouns in the following and give their kinds.
  2. He is your friends.
  3. You are a good boy.
  4. 3.This is a pen.
  5. This is his book .
  6. We help him.
  7. We should love one another.
  8. None can help you.
  9. God helps them who help themselves.
  10. Who has broken my Pencil.
  11. 10.He does not obey me.