IMP Fill in the  blanks

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CLASS – 10th

IMP Fill in the  blanks

class -10th 

Q.1. Fill in the  blanks –  

1. He knows the boy _____is wearing a blue shirt. (which/who/where)

Ans. who
2. His brother is _____ R.J. in a local radio channel. (a/an/the)

Ans. an
3. There is not _____ water in the pool. (some/any/many)

Ans. any
4. He has _____ many plays (write/wrote/written)

Ans. written
5. _____ I take your pen? (need/may/used)

Ans. May
6. We ______ to follow the traffic rules. (ought /should/must)

Ans. ought
7. When I was young, I_______ climb trees (can/could)

Ans. could
8. I haven’t bought _____ milk today. (some/any)

Ans. any
9. How _____ students are present today? (many/much)

Ans. many
10. How ______ sugar do you take in tea? (much/many)

Ans. much
11. The Earth ________round the Sun(moves/move)

Ans. moves
12. He always ______ on time. (comes/come)

Ans. comes
13. ______ Ganga is a sacred river. (a/an/the)

Ans. the
14. Arun is ______ tallest boy in the class. (a/an/the)

Ans. the
15. His father is ______ MLA (a/an/the)

Ans. an
16. They have been playing here _____ morning. (since/for)

Ans. since
17. We have been studying in this college _____ three years. (since/for)

Ans. for
18. They will go to Delhi _____ Monday. (in/on/at)

Ans. on
19. We went to Kashmir ______ April. (in/on/at)

Ans. in
20. His uncle died ____ cancer. (from/of/to)

Ans. of
21. He is afraid ______ dogs. (from/of/to)

Ans. of
22. I am not going to office ______ I am ill. (and/so/because)

Ans. because
23. ______ you work hard, you will pass (if/unless)

Ans. if
24. I prefer coffee _____ tea. (to/than/from)

Ans. to
25. The patient had died ______ the doctor arrived. (before/after)

Ans. before
26. Bhopal is larger ______ Gwalior (from/to/than)

Ans. than
27. We were making kites when Father______(arrive/arrived)

Ans. arrived
28. Don’t leave this place _____ I come back. (until/when)

Ans. until
29. I ______ buy that mobile if I had money. (would/would have)

Ans. would
30. She _____ go to temple every day, when she lived in village. (will/would/could)

Ans. would
31. He wanted to ______ an engineer(become/becomes/becoming)

Ans. become
32. My father is a ______ teacher. (retire/retiring/retired)

Ans. retired
33. He avoids ______ to strangers. (talk/talked talking)

Ans. talking
34. _______ goods will not be taken back. (sell/selling/sold)

Ans. sold
35. I heard some kids______ for help. (shout/shouted)

Ans. shout
36. Work hard ______ you will fail (but/and/or)

Ans. or
37. He is ………. hour late. (a/an/the)

Ans. an
38. Please spread _____ butter on bread. (a few /a little / few)

Ans. a little
39.He has given _____ smoking. (away /up /for)

Ans. up
40.We ____ wear mask in crowded places. (should/used / ought

Ans.  should

IMP Fill in the  blanks