Today we are going to tell you IMP EXTRACT CLASS -10th HM Friends read and share it  its very useful to exam so  read it IMP EXTRACT CLASS -10th HM



Q.1. Read the extract carefully and answer the  questions that follow :

The day of the race dawned. It turned out to be a close race. Towards the end Mamta caught up with the champion. Her eyes were fixed at the finishing line. Like Arjuna in the Mahabharata aiming at the fish’s eye. Mamta too could see nothing else. And in the end she did win, though by   a couple of seconds only. It was so unexpected that there was a moment’s silence all around as she crossed the finishing line. Even the judges on the field were surprised that someone looking so frail and delicate could run  so fast.

Questions :-

  1. The meaning of the word ‘frail’ is – 01
    1. weak and thin
    2. fat and strong
    3. fat and
  2. Arjun was aiming at ? 01
    1. The fish
    2. The fish’s eye
    3. The fish’s
  3. By what margin Mamta won the race ? 01
    1. a couple of seconds
    2. a couple of
    3. one
  4. Why were the judges surprised ? 02


Q.2.  Read the extract carefully and answer the questions that follow :

That night, I was sleeping in the passage room. when I woke up in the morning I found my elder brother’s blanket on me added to mine. Early at dawn he had left for the fields without a blanket on his shoulders. If  he  had been asked why, he would have surely said in his usual manner that   he did not feel the cold. Now I have a comfortable income. Yet it had  never occurred to me to think of buying any warm cloth for my elder brother.

Questions :-

  1. ‘The time of day when light first appears,’ is called…… 01
    1. morning
    2. dawn
    3. day
  2. From which lesson the extract has been taken ? 01
  3. Give the name of the writer of the lesson ? 01
  4. What had never occured to him ? 02

Q.3.  Read   any   one   extract   carefully   and   answer   the questions  that follows : 03

i.  Change my darkness to Thy Light,

And my evil into good

Touch me but once and I will change,

All my clay into Thy gold

Question : –

(A). ‘Darkness’ stands for ……………..

    1. night
    2. ignorance

(b)  ‘Light’ stands for ……………

  1. electricity
  2. knowledge

(c)       Name the poet ?           



I saw the different things you did, But always you yourself you hid. I felt you push, I heard you call,

I could not see yourself at all ……………..

O wind, a blowing all day long,

O wind, that sings so loud a song !

Question : –

  1. The poet is not able to see …………….
    1. the kite
    2. the wind
  2. What does the wind always do ?
    1. it always
    2. it always
  3. From which poem these lines have been taken ?


Answer Sheet 


Ans.  (A)

  1. weak and thin
  2. the fish’s eye.
  3. a couple of
  4. The judges were surprised that someone looking so frail and delicate could run so



  1.  dawn
  2. The extract has been taken from the lesson  ‘The Tribute”
  3. The writer of the lesson is Das Benhur. 
  4. It had never occured to him of buying any warm cloth for his elder brother.


Ans. (i)  Extract

  1. Darkness stands for ignorance.
  2. Light stands for
  3.   The poet is Rabindranath Tagore.



  1.  the wind.
  2. The wind always blows.
  3. These lines have been taken from the poem ‘wind’