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Special  English 

Class -10th 


Q. 1. Read the given extracts and answer the questions that- 

(i)  ” To seek the did I often rove

through woods and on the green ;

And thou were still a hope, a love ;

still longed for never seen “.



(A)The poem from which these lines have been taken is 01

    1. Good will
    2. If
    3. The Bridge Builder
    4. To the cuckoo
  • (B)In these lines ‘ thee ‘ refers to : 01
    1. Cuckoo
    2. Flowers
    3. Spirit
    4. Country
  • (C) What did the poet do to find ‘ thee ‘ ? Was he successful ? 02

 Q. 2. Read the given extracts and answer the questions that-

(ii)  And I shall have some peace there,

for peace comes dropping slow,

Dropping from the veils of the

morning to where the cricket sings ;

There midnight’s all a glimmer,

and noon a purple glow.

And evening full of the linnet’s wings.

  • (A) . The poet of these lines is 01
    1. John Keats
    2. William Wordsworth
    3. B. Yeats
    4. Rabindra Nath Tagore
  • (B). What does ‘ there ‘ stand for 01
    1. Hammersmith
    2. Lake Isle of Innisfree
    3. Dublin
  • (C). How does peace come to the poet there ? 02


Q. 3. How did the  Masters  establish  that  the  Thirty  Year’s war lasted  only 7 metres ?  


Q. How did Gerrard finally confine the intruder into the cupboard ?

Q.4. What were the two most precious things in the city that the angel  brought to God ? Do you agree with the angle ?


Q. What works did the boys do to earn some money ? Why did they do so ?

Q. 5. Describe the different kinds of training given to the children at Tolstoy Farm. 


Q. Who emerged as a better human being – the lawyer or the banker ?


Answer  Sheet – 

Ans.1.   (I) 

  1. To the cuckoo
  2. Cuckoo
  3. To find cuckoo, the poet wanders through the forest, on  the trees & bushes. But for him, cuckoo is still a hope, a love and he could never see.

Ans. 2.  


  1. B. Yeats
  2. Lake Isle of Innisfree
  3. The poet would get peace in the quiet and serene place- Innisfree. He would enjoy the singing of crickets, singing of linnets, the peaceful morning atmosphere, the glow of the noon and pleasant.


Ans.3.   The Masters said that Wasserkopf had investigated the subject in accordance with modern researches based on the quantum theory. The time might be synthesized into a unified whole. The mass- system might be reduced to a unit and year might be represented by a meter i.e. seven years by seven metres. Then the masters claimed that the actual warfare took place only for half of day, thus, thirty years became fifteen. But 15 years were not given for continuous fighting- it also included the time for meals, rest, peaceful diversions, nonwarlike activities etc. Thus, the time was reduced to Einsteinian equivalent of seven metres.


When Gerrard found that the intruder was going to impersonate him after killing him, he told him that if he killed him he would  be hanged if not as himself then as Gerrard. He pretended to be a culprit. He said that one of his men had been caught by the police and he was also expecting trouble that night. So, he  had packed his bag which contains a gun and disguise outfit,  false  moustaches etc. Then he asked the Intruder to move through a door to the garage. The intruder suspected ; Gerrard asked him to look himself and when he leaned forward to inspect it, Gerrard pushed him into the cupboard, knocking down the revolver and locked the door.

Ans.4.As the two most precious things in the city, the angel brought the dead swallow and the leaden heart of the Happy  Prince.  The angel was right in choosing because both of them sacrificed themselves for the benefit of the pours and the sufferers. The Happy Price lost its grandeur by sacrificing the precious stones and gold while the swallow lost its life in such a cold weather. Nothing could be more precious and noble than their sacrifice.


The two boys Nicola & Jacopo earned their living by  selling fruits, shining shoes, hawking newspapers, conducting tourists through the town and running errands. They earned money to pay the hospital fee of their elder sister Lucia who had been admitted there for the treatment of tuberculosis of the spine. Their parents had died ; they were only three members in the family. So, they were taking a lot of pains hoping that Lucia would start walking and singing again.

Ans.5.  Gandhiji wanted to impart proper education to the children at Tolstoy Farm. He wanted an all round development of the children. He gave priority to character building as the proper foundation for their education. At the Tolstoy Farm,  the  following trainings were given:-

  • Physical Training :- Physical training. was given through the course of daily routine. from cleaning to cooking, every work was done by the inmates. Then they were engaged in gardening that included digging pits, felling timber and lifting loads. This gave them ample exercise and they developed fine
  • Vocational Training :- Gandhiji’s intention was to teach them some useful manual vocation. He learnt shoe making from Mr. Kallenbach and taught it to the children Mr. Kallenbach taught them carpentry while the children knew cooking as they cooked for themselves.
  • Literary Training :- It was a difficult matter because of the lack of time, resources and equipments. Three periods were given for it. Gandhiji taught them languages. Elementary  history, geography  and  arithmetic  were  taught   with   the   help   of   Kallenbach & Pragji Desai. Gandhiji didn’t feel the need of text books rather he himself read and then told them in his own language what he has understood, Children enjoyed listening to him.


In the story ” The Bet ” the lawyer emerged as a better human being. When they had the bet fifteen years before, both of them were ordinary human beings – the banker had  a  money while the lawyer in greed of money accepted the bet.

The lawyer spent fifteen years in a lonely cell. He read books. Books gave him wisdom and changed his mind and soul. He became a refined man. He realised that what the people call to be the blessings on earth-wealth, health, beauty – they are all delusive as a mirage. To show his contempt, he waived the two million roubles that he was about to win. He even freed the  banker from obligation by coming out of the prison five minutes before the stipulated time.

On the other hand, the banker remained selfish and mean. To save his two millions, he even attempted to kill the lawyer. He again showed his meanness by keeping the lawyer’s note locked   in his safe.

Thus, the lawyer emerged to be a better human being.