If  the well Goes Dry

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Today we are going to tell you about of  lesson – 6  If  the well Goes Dry and composed by  Albert  Gore so friends read and share it  its very useful to exam purpose  If  the well Goes Dry friends if you like  and share it

If  the well Goes Dry

Special  English  -12th 

Lesson –6

If the Well Goes Dry

                                              – Albert Gore

Q. Answer the following question.

Q.1. How does global warming affect the climate pattern?  

Ans. Global  warming  affects the  climate pattern of the earth in a very adverse manner. The  health of the planet earth depends on maintaining a complex balance of  interrelated system. Global warming is changing the way  water is transferred from  oceans to the land and  precipition accelerating the  entire cycle. In  addition, the  increased warmth also  increases  the  amount of water vapour in the  atmosphere which magnifies the  greenhouse  effect and speeds the  process still further. As the  global warming heats up the  polar regions faster than  the  topics . it changes the way the earth achieves a  balance between hot and cold.


Q.2. why does  water carry spiritual significance in  most religions? 

Ans. Water plays a significant in our life .It is 71 percent of the  whole  human  body . it is considered to be a divine purifier  no worship  to God in Hindu religion is performed without  water. In Christian baptism too .it is used symbolizing purification and regeneration.


Q.3. Describe the  effects of  deforestation on the  eco-system. 

Ans. Widespread deforestation is a great concern for the  future of human life. The destruction  of a forest can affect the  hydrological cycle  in given area. More water is stored in the  forests  of the earth  especially the tropical rain  forests than  in its lakes.Forests themselves produce rain clouds partly because  of  evapotranspiration . Immediately after  the rain falls on a  rain forest , a fine mist  begins to float back into the sky. It increases both the humidity in the air  and the  odds of more rain  just downwind . Forests also attract rain by producing gases called terpenes and  small amounts  of a compound  called  dimethylsulfide  which  float into  the atmosphere as a  gas . the tiny grains around which  droplets of rainwater form.

The deforestation  would cause damage to  eco-system as  it would cease these contribution by the  forests and  thereby that  of the  rain amidst.


Q.4.Describe the  effects of  population growth on the  global water system. 

Ans.  Population growth is one  of the  major factor which threatens the  existence f human life. Population is growing  at a very rapid speed but  resources  are limited .Naturally , the  pressure of population is becoming grave on the  resources. As a result resources are exhausted because the  speed of the  growth of  human population .Hence resources are sinking . we  are cutting forests and digging the earth and  this is all an  invitation to our own doom.


Q.5. Write two ways in which global warming raises sea levels. 

Ans.  Two ways in which Global Warming  raises sea level are  :

  1. Higher average temperatures result in the melting of glaciers  ,in ice being discharged into the  ocean s from the  ice caps of  Antarctica  and  Greenland, and  in the  thermal expansion of the volume of the sea as its water warms.
  2. In some coastal cities like  Miami , the  freshwater aquifer  on which it relies for its drinking water  actually float on salt water  , so that rising seas would push the water  table up – in some cases , to the surface.

 Q.6. What should we do solve the problem of fresh water ?

Ans.  Human beings are the  worst vicitims of the  problem of the  fresh water , they need to use  their common  sense. The  rains bring us  trees and flowers. The  droughts bring gaping  cracks in the  world.  The  lakes and river  sustain us slowing through the veins of the  earth . so  we must be aware to take care to  let them  flow back out as  pure as they come . we  should not poison  and waste them.

If  the well Goes Dry

If  the well Goes Dry


If  the well Goes Dry