Herbal Plants & Medicinal Use

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Herbal Plants and their Medicinal Use

                                        Part- 6

Herbal Plants and their Medicinal Use  : –

In   Ancient Times  ,India has been a treasure of herbal and medicinal plants. In present times unfortunately one species of herb is becoming extinct every day in the world .

In the field of ayurved ,India has been a pioneer , since the very beginninning. “ charak Sahita “ written by Acharya charak and ‘Sushrut’  sanhita by Acharya  Sushrut are the  valuable treasures  of such knowledge.

In india , out of many varieties of the  medicinal herb around 7500 varieties are  being used in treatment of different  disease, the  demand of many of such herbs is increasing at a very high rate . for example –  white Moosli (Chlorophytm – Tuberosum) shatavri (asparagns – Ruceonosus) ,Shankhpushpi (Evolvulus), Ashvagandha (Withania-  somnifera), Sarpgandha (Ranwoplfia -serpentina),Nagarmotha (cyperus – seariousus) Giloe (Tinospore – cordifolia) etc.

Primitive Adivasi Baigas in tribal area are  popularly known as Vaidya (the country physician) ,Mandla ,Dindori  and Balaghat districts of Madhya Pradesh have large Baiga population . The so- called “ Gunias” of Goand tribe have  sufficient knowledge of herbs and  medicinal plants . They treat various diseases with the help of these herbs.

Description regarding usefulness of some  important herbs/ plants and the  method of  their  application is given  :-

1. Mulethi : –

In Sanskrit verson , ‘Mulethi’ is called ‘ Madhuk ’ because of its sweet taste . its plant is generally 2 to 2.5 ft. high ,leaves are long , greenish and the  flowers are white and  purple coloured . its roots and ‘Sat- Mulethi’ are generally ,available in the shops of a Pansari in  kirana market and  can be purchased from there.

Medicinal  use Chewing Mulethi gives relief from diseases  like Pharangitis and mouth  – ulcer . it is also useful in healing of peptic ulcer and  applying of its  paste  on abscess helps quick bursting of its and  then heals it very quickly . it is also useful in treating cough and heart  diseases.

Herbal Plants & Medicinal Use


medicinal use of herbal plants