Herbal plant of Tulsi

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Herbal Plants and their Medicinal Use 

Part – 9

1. Tulsi : –

Everybody in India is well acquainted with the  religious and  scientific importance of Tulsi. ‘Rama’ and ‘shyama’  are the two kinds of it . It is a shrub of 2 to 2.5 ft . in height.  Its  leaves are small green and somewhat blackish coloured. The plant sprouts new shoots at its top end . Which in the  beginning look green but later , at matured stage , they get changed into brown  colour, containing very small black seed  inside them . The  plant is recognized as a  repressive measure of many diseases , in India .Tulsi plant is most useful because   of its  multifarious qualities . It also has a peculiar smell.

Medicinal Use –

The use of tea , boiled with ‘Tulsi leaves’ gives relief in many types of fever and the  use of its decoction  (Kadha) cures ‘Pharangitis’ (throat problem). This decoction with honey and turmeric, becomes useful in  diseases relating to Asthma , cold and cough. The juice of its leaves , is very useful in common diseases of children also.

2. Shatavari : –

Shatavari is known as ‘Shatavar’ and ‘Narayani’ also . Its tendril (Lata)  is found everywhere in India. It is a thorny creeping plant , having ascending tendency . its  leaves are thin needle shaped and are 1.5 to  2.5 long . its white flowers appearing in bunches , subsequently , get changed in to  small circular fruits and on ripening they become red coloured . in its roots the white tubers are seen which are called ‘shatavari’.

Medicinal Use : –

The restorative tonic is prepared from the roots of ‘shatavari’  besides that it gives relief in mental tension and is also useful in treatment of diseases relating to anemia, dry- cough , chronic pimples and abscess and also works as an  antidotes of poison.

Herbal plant of Tulsi

Herbal plant of SHATAVARI


Herbal plant of Tulsi