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General English

Class XI

Time : 3 Hours                                                                                                                                                                                                      MM : 100

 Instruction : –

  • All questions are compulsory.
  • Marks allotted to the question are written in the right hand margin.
  • Read the instruction carefully and do carefully.

Q.1 Read the following passage carefully and answer the question given below :(15)

Ecology teaches us the  interdependence of all  life  forms. Yoga goes a step further and  teaches us the  unity of all forms.

With the  wider and  deeper understanding of Ecology man  has  come to  understand his link with nature better . he has shed  hisanthropocentric arrogance . it  is hoped that he will take a step further and  come to  Amrit of yoga as many ecologists have  already done.

Sir  Jagdish Chandra Bose noted the  ability of plants to react to its environs. That was  in the  1920. After  his  demise  the  research was  given up . it was  left to the  modern day scientist to produce irrefutable proof that  plants cannot only establish yoga with living things around them , including man , but also can  read our minds and  intentions. Clever Backster says, “ There is no  doubt in my mind that  we are  all one.”Most of the  top  scientists of the  world echo  these scientists , or  rather  this  conviction. All say, “ we  are unity”. And in the  spectrum of we every living thing on this earth  is included. The language of the  hoary yogis may be  unintelligible, the  ground they trod may be  terra incognita to us . Now , however, scientist are speaking in a  scientific parlance, which we  can comprehend. But shall we  even  heed them ? we have  the  various traditional paths to yoga,karma yoga, Tantra yoga and  other s . for  the scientifically inclined modern man  , a new  path has been discovered. Let us name it Ecology Yoga.


  • what does Yoga teach us?
  • What is expected of man ?
  • What was observed by J.C.Bose ?
  • Why was Bose’s research given up ?
  • Mention the two things that plants can do .
  • Name the various traditional paths of yoga.
  • Give the antonyms of :

(i) arrogance  (ii) include  (iii) traditional

Q.2    Read the passage carefully and answer the question give below it :(10)

`       Books are by far the most lasting products of human  effort.  Temples fall into ruin, pictures and  statues decay, but books survive, time does not destroy the  great thoughts which  are as  fresh today as  when  they first passed through their author’s  minds ages ago . what  was  then  thought and said  still speaks to us  as  vividly as  ever from the  printed pages. The  only effect of  time has  been to throw out of  currency the bad  products, for nothing in  literature can  long survive but  what is  really good. Books introduce us into the best society, they  bring  us into the  presence of the  greatest minds that have  ever lived. We hear what they said and did , we  see them as if  they were really alive, we  sympathise with them  enjoy with them  and grieve  with them . in a  way we  move in their company and  their  Experiences becomes ours, without books no  fresh ideas are  possible  and  with out fresh  ideas  no  cultured society is  possible. No  wonder that world keeps its  books with great care.


  1. Read the passage carefully, make notes on it  and  supply a suitable
  2. Do as directed :
  • write the verb form of the  word ‘Product’.
  • Give the opposite word of ‘ ruin’.
  • Find out the word from  the  passage  that  gives the meaning ‘attempt’.


Q.3   with the  help  of the  words  given below, produce a write up  on how you celebrated your birthday in 40-50 words.                                         [4]

(i) My date of birth

(ii) The programme

(iii)Greetings by friends and  relatives

  • Cutting of the birthday cake
  • Dishes and cultural programme
  • conclusion


     Produce a write up  on  ‘Getting Ready for school’ with the  help of the  following hints :

  • Get –up in the morning
  • Check home work
  • Dress up
  • School Bag
  • Lunch box
  • Start for school.

Q.4 .with the help of the words given  below an articles on the  ‘Power of Education’ for your school magazine in about 80-100 words.      [10]


Write an essay on any one of the following topics in about 250 words :

  1. Any great leader.
  2. My favourite Game.
  3. News paper
  4. Computer – The perfect solution for 21st
  5. wonder of science

Q.5    write a letter of complaint against the postman of your area.                    (5)


Write a letter to your friend Vijay congratulating him on his  brilliant success in the  exams

Q.6    write an application to your principal requesting him to allow you offer faculty subjects instead of science subject. (4)


          write an application to your principal to issue you course books from the Book Bank


Q.7    Do as directed. (Any seven)(7)

  1. we did it . (Change into Negative)
  2. we are collecting stamps. (Change the voice)
  3. lend/ could/please/you/me/pen/your?     (Rearrange the words to make a meaningful sentence )
  1. There is possibility of rain  late night (Rewrite using a modal)
  2. Gwalior is not as big as Bhopal( Rewrite using comparative degree)
  3. Rewrite the sentences using ‘unless’ in place of  ‘if’:

If  you come to me , I will help you.

7.combine the sentence  using ‘so….that’

(i) he was very  tired.

(ii) he could not walk.

8………Knowledge is a dangerous thing .( A Little/the little/Little)

9.Gold is …. Useful metal. (A,An ,the)

10. The tiger jumped …the stag.(on /upon)

11.Please wait here …I come back. (when/ till/ as)

Q.8    Read the poem extract and answer the question below it :    (4)

          Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,

And sorry I could not travel both

And be  one traveler , long I stood

And looked down as far as I could


  • Name the poet and the
  • Count how many words represent number in the  given  lines
  • Diverged means….


     Go not to the  temple to pray on bended knees,

First bend down to lift someone who is  downtrodden


  • Name the poet and the poem.
  • What does downtrodden mean?
  • Temple is the place of worship for ……..

Q.9    Answer the following questions : (Any three)                            (9)

  1. Who are the ‘down -trodden’? what can we do to lift them up ?
  2. why did the poet decide to opt for the other road?
  3. why does the poet describe sea as sleepless?

       4.what do the two roads signify?

Q.10  Answer the following questions : (Any six)                                 (12)

  1. who are the two defeated in the world?
  2. what is worse than failure?
  3. Why does the sheep feel secure?
  4. why is the Giant in the story called selfish?
  5. why did they flee ?
  6. what is the ‘chandle wobble’?
  7. why did Lencho ask for  help  from  God?
  8. Who are the Indra and Yama?

Q.11  Answer the following questions: (Any two)                                (10)

1.why did spring not come to the Giant’s garden?

2.” True faith and devotion is the key to success.” Eleborate this statement keeping in view the story of  Lakshmi.

3.what is the traveller’s justification when he doubts that he would return to take the ‘first’ road?

Q.12 (A)    Match the words given in Column ‘A’ and Column ‘B’ with their meanings     and rewrite:                                                            (4)

                    ‘A’                                                                ‘B’

1.KingBhoj                                                                    1.little boy

2.Lincoln                                                                        2.Doll

3.Giant                                                                           3.woman

4.Lakshmi                                                                      4.Teacher

(B)Choose the correct alternative and rewrite :                              (6)

1. King Bhoj was the worshipper of Goddess –

(a) Laxmi    (b) Durga    (c) Saraswati        (d)Parvati

2.Abraham Lincoln wrote the letter to

(a) his son   (b) his father        (c) his friend         (d) his son’s teacher

3.The little boy in the  story ‘The Selfish giant ‘ was  –

(a)Demon (b)Jesus Christ        (c)Bishop    (d)none of the above.

4.in the lesson ‘Dear teacher ‘ , who is the  writer  of the lesson-

(a) William Blake  (b) Robert Frost            (c) Mahatma Gandhi   (d)Oscar wilde.

5.who did not come to the  Giant ‘s Garden?

(a)Rain (b) cool (c)Spring  (d)winter.

6.the captain of the ship lies on the  –

(earth (b) ocean (c) deck )  (d) a Worshipper

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10.The Last Leaf – O ‘Henry Part -2