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use of Anwla

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Herbal Plants and their Medicinal Use  : –


1. Anwla : –

‘Anwla’ tree is found every where in gardens and forests of India. It is a  medium sized tree around 20 to 25  ft . in height . .Its leaves  are long , rectangular and wing shaped which are well set and congruous to those of ‘tamarind’ tree (Imli). It has yellow coloured small flowers which sprout in long bunches. Its  fruits are pulpy and  circular shaped and  are one inch in diameter , greenish in colour having light  yellow reflection. There are six  vertical lines over the surface of the  fruit and also  on  hexagonal seed inside it . ‘Anwla’ is supposed to be  best in the  chemical properties and   because  of that it  is called ‘ Amrit fruit’ in Ayurved. This fruit also  contains Vitamin ‘C’  in sufficient quantity which is 20 times more than  that of the  orange.

Hair Powder made of Anwla

Medicinal Use –

‘Trifala’ powder is prepared from these fruits. Namely ‘Anwla’ (Myrobalan) , Bahera (Terminalia – Bellarica) and ‘Harra’ (Terminala – Chebula) .For Washing of eyes. ‘Trifala powder is dissolved in water and the  solution , so prepared is kept for the  whole night and  then in the  morning , the eyes are washed with its filtered solution which increases  the vision of eyes. For healing of stomach disorder, its powder is dissolved in luke – warm water  and then this solution is taken before going to bed , every night. The  mixture of ‘Anwla’ Reeth (Soap – nut) and  ‘Sikakai’  is useful against hair  problems . The  hair oil made of ‘Brahmi’ and ‘Anwla’ is also useful for hair . Besides., ‘Anwla juice ‘ mixed with sugar candy gives  quick relief in  ‘Hiccup ‘ and  Vomiting . The  use of Anwla power with Ghee and Honey in the night increase appetite . Its regular use increases the blood level  also . ‘Anwla’ is a main ingredient of Ayurvedic tonic ,  called ‘Chyavanprash’  , the use of which increases the level of energy and immunity.

Medicinal Use of Anwla

Hair Powder Anwla

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