Gwar Patha  (Aloe-Vera)

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Today we are going to tell you about  Herbal Plants and their  Medicinal Use  Gwar Patha  (Aloe-Vera)  so friends read and share itGwar Patha  (Aloe-Vera)

Herbal Plants and their  Medicinal Use

Part -7

2.Gwar Patha  (Aloe-Vera) : –

It is known as ‘Ghrat Kumari’ or  Indian Aloe .  It is found in every part of India . Above  the  roots , plumpy and fleshy long leaves, full of pulp  are spread over all around the plant . The length of leaves is  generally 1 to 1.5 ft. and  thickness being 2 to 3 inches , having small thorns thereon , which look as pointed as  that of a ‘Saw’ . Its flowers are  red yellow coloured . On cutting its leaves , they  discharge some semi transparent pulpy liquid.

Medicinal use  –  The  Juice of its leaves , mixed with honey ,  gives relief from Cold & Cough and its fresh pulp gives relief in  diseases relating to ‘Rheumatic’  and  ‘Arthritis’ (Joints pain) .Applying its  pulp on the  burnt part of skin , prevents the raising of blisters thereon , subsides the pain and  also heals other injuries . its pulp is also used in  preparation of various cosmetics which are  generally used in  beautifying face –skin and  hair. Its pulp is useful in  ‘dermatological’ diseases and also cuares the blood diseases.

 3.Ashvagandha : –

There  are two kinds of Ashvagandha –

  1. Ashvagandha –Nagori 2. Country Ashvagandha

Thye height of Nagori Ashvagandha is  2 to 3 ft. and  that of  country Ashvagandha is  3 to 6 ft.  these plants bear light yellowish and green coloured flowers, in the month of October and November . Its roots are  radish shaped and   6 to  12 inches long and  3 to  4 centimeters thick.

 Medicinal Use  – 

 The leaves of  Ashvagandha  are used in treatment of Tuberculosis and eye diseases . It is also  used as a tonic and in the  treatment of asthma , weakness , high blood pressure  and  other  diseases , emerging out from malnutrition.

Herbal Plants and their  Medicinal Use

Gwar Patha  (Aloe-Vera)



Gwar Patha  (Aloe-Vera)