Goodbye Party For  Miss Pushpa T.S.- Q.Ans.

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Lesson – 3

Goodbye Party For  Miss Pushpa T.S.

–                                                                                                                       By  Nissim Ezekiel

Goodbye Party For  Miss Pushpa T.S.- Q.Ans.

Some  important Questions  & Answers

 Q.  Answer the following question.

Q.1. What has  the party been  arranged for ?

Ans. The Party has been arranged for  the  farewell of Miss Pushpa.

Q.2. Who is going to a  foreign country ?

Ans.  Miss Pushpa (sister of the  poet) is going to a foreign country.

Q.3. Whose wife cooked nicely ?

Ans.  The wife of poet’s uncle’s old friend cooked nicely.

Q..4. why has  Surat been mentioned in the poem?

Ans.  Surat has been mentioned in the poem  because the poet is confused  about the  place Pushpa’s father belonged to and  also  the poet  remembers his stay at Surat once.

Q.5.  What  Qualities of Miss Pushpa T.S. are evident from the speaker’s address?

Ans.  Miss Pushpa T.S.  is a sweet lady with an all time smile on her  face.  She  smiles even without reason. She belongs to  a reputed family and is  very popular among people. She  is full of spirits. She never says ‘no’ to ‘things ’ .she  is always ready to do anything. She  has  ambitions and is  prosperous. These are the  qualities evident from the  speaker’s  address.


Q.6 .what was Miss Pushpa T.S. Popular with?

Ans. Miss Pushpa  is  popular with men and women  . ‘as ‘  she is always smiling and full of spirits, everyone  likes her . she  never says ‘no’  to anyone for anything.  Her good spirit makes her  popular.

Q.7. What does the speaker mention about Miss Pushpa doing in the end?

Ans.  The Speaker is addressing the audience. He tells the  people that the  party has been arranged to wish fir a happy journey to Mss Pushpa T.S. who is leaving for improving her prospect by going abroad.

Q.8. In what ways does  Miss Pushpa show her good spirit?   2016

Ans. Miss Pushpa is a lady with certin distinctive traits. She is full of  spirits. Whenever the poet asks her  to do anything, she readily replies ‘ Just only I will do it ‘ . She  never says ‘no’.

 Q.9. Give the central idea of the poem ‘Good bye Party for MissPushpa T.S.’

Ans. The central idea of the poem is to highlight the character of  Miss Pushpa T.S.  She  is  leaving  for abord. She is going there to improve her  prospect. She  is a  charming lady with an  all smiling face  . She  smilies even without reason . she  smilies for  she feels it. She is very popular among people and is always  ready to do anything for everyone. She never says’no’  to any one . she  is full of spirits. The  poet appreciates her  spirit, readiness and  pleasing smiles. The main theme is to  highlight her  qualities.

Goodbye Party For  Miss Pushpa T.S.- Q.Ans.

Goodbye Party For  Miss Pushpa T.S.- Q.Ans.