Good Will (10th EM)

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Today we are going  to tell you  about of  Good Will (10th EM) .friends  Good Will (10th EM) …….  Class  – 10 th EM

Good Will (10th EM)

1.Good Will 

                                                                                                   – Yajurveda (V-S)

Q.1. Read the Stanza and answer the  following Questions

May that which Guides men like a good Charioteer

Who Controls fleet- footed horses with the reins,

That which abides in the heart, most swift and active,

May that my Mind resolve on what is good.

Q.1. Name the poem.

Ans. The Name of the Poem is ‘Good Will’.

Q.2.What does a good charioteer do?

Ans. A Good charioteer controls fleet footed horses.

Q.3.What does the poet wish for?

Ans.  The Poet wishes that his mind may resolve on what is good.

Q.4.What is the rhyme scheme of the above stanza?

Ans. the rhyme scheme of the above stanza is a, b, c, d,

Q.5. The  Word used for  ‘a long narrow band  usually of  leather by which a  horse is  controlled in the  extract  is      :

(1) abide             (2) fleet                    (3) reins                         (4) charioteer

Ans.  (3) reins

Q.6. In what sense  is the  word ‘Mind’  used in this poem .

(1) intellect              (2)swift                   (3)inner sense   (Conscience)                   (4) active

Ans.   (3)inner sense   (Conscience)

Q.1.In what sense is the word ‘Mind’ used in the poem?

Ans. The word Mind is used in the sense of individual soul in the poem.

Q.2.Why is the mind likened to a charioteer in the poem?

Ans. The charioteer controls the fleet – footed horses. The mind control the fleshly desires of the  human  beings. The mind in likened to a charioteer because both of them are controllers.

Q.3.What is the central idea of ‘Good Will’?

Ans. Good will means pure mind and pure intention. One who is true in word deed and thought alone can develop a good will .good will is another name for pure and malice free conscience. A man of good will is never envious of others progress .he feels delighted in others prosperity.

Good Will (10th EM)


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