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Part- 8

4.Sarp –Gandha

4.Sarp –Gandha : –

‘Sarpgandha ‘ is found in its  natural form in the  western part of Madhya Pradesh. The  height of this plants is  1.5 to 5 ft. Its leaves have  shining dark coloured and are circular spear shaped. Its flowers are  pink coloured and bloom in bunches . fruits are  globular shaped having a seed (stone) inside which get changed into  shining black colour. After  a riping.

Medicinal Use –

The roots of this  plant are  used in the  treatment of diseases related to blood pressure respiratory system , insomnia (sleeplessness) hysteria cholera and  chronic fever etc. and the  juice of its  leaves is used in the  treatment of cater act.

5.Giloe  :-

It is known as ‘gudbail’ ‘galoe’ and guruchi’. It is known as ‘Amrita’ . it is found in the form of fleshy, glossy and bush shaped creeping plant. It is generally found on the boundaries of fields, clinging around the  shrubs in forests. It has  a thick trunk having a light brown coloured thin layer on the  trunk. On removing this layer , the  inner substance has  a pulpy look . its leaves  are betel shaped and the fruits , giloe are like peas growing in bunches . at an early stage  the fruits look greenish in colour but on  growing full ripe , their colour gets changed to red . this plant  is found  in its natural form in the forest areas of Distt. Mandla, chhindwara ,Jabalpur ,Shahdol,Hoshangabad ,Sivni and  Dindori etc. of M.P. state.

Medicinal Use : –

Although , the leaves , fruits , roots of Giloe plant are  all used as  medicines but its trunk is most useful. Its fruits are used to treat jaundice and Rheumatic problem and its power mixed with Ghee and Honey is used as a restorative tonic and the  juice of its trunk – cover , proves useful in the  treatment of fever. Its powder also controls Vomiting and hiccup Problem.


use of Giloe