Gifts of Love

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General  English 

Class – 11th 

14.Gifts of Love       – O . Henry 

Q.1. How did  Della save the  money for the  present?

Ans. She saved one or two pennies at a time by haggling with the  grocer and  the vegetable man.

Q.2. what were the two  most prized possessions in the  family of Jim and Della?

Ans. The two  most prized possessions were jim’s gold watch  which had been his  father’s and his  grandfather’s and  Della’s hair which went down to  her knees.

Q.3. Describe Jim’s gift to Della.

Ans. They were beautiful combs which were made of tortoise shell. They had jeweled rims.

Q.4. why was Della first overjoyed and then  broke down into tears when she  received her  gift ?

Ans. On receiving the gift (comb)  she became  overjoyed because she  had been  longing for  them  for a  long time . but  when  she  realized that the  hair for  which  the comb  had been  needed were gone, she  broke down  into  tears.

Q.5. Describe the gift that Della bought.

Ans. It was a platinum fob chain which was simple in design but was very beautiful.

Gifts of Love

Gifts of Love