Geography Facts

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Today we are going to tell about of Geography Facts  ,friends this fact is very important to competitive examinations purpose . friends Geography Facts …..

Every subject has  certain terms that  define its various aspects. here are  some  Geography Facts   for us to   check.

Geography Facts

Geography Facts

Q.1. Huge waves triggered by underwater earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and  landslides are called …………………

Ans. Tsunami 

Q.2. What is the  name given to a small place in a  desert where water and  plants are founds ?

Ans. Oasis

Q.3. A Huge mass of ice  floating in the  sea is  called  an ……….

Ans. Ice berg

Q.4. What is the  term for a  stretch of land that is surrounded by  water on  three sides ?

Ans.  Peninsula 

Q.5.A Hill of sand on a  desert that  is formed and  later broken by strong winds is called a ……..

Ans. Dune 

Q.6. A Storm of  snow and  wind  common in the  polar regions is known as  ………..

Ans. Blizzard 

Q.7.What is the  name given  to  a  thick cloud that  forms close to the  ground ?

Ans. Fog

Q.8. A Small river or stream that flows into  a large river is known as …….

Ans. Tributary 

Q.9. Fine sand, soil or mud which is carried along by a river is called ….. 

As. Silt

Q.10. A Group or  chain of islands clustered together in a sea or ocean is known as  an  …………

Ans. Archipelago

Geography Facts


Geography Facts