Future Indefinite tense (voice)

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Future Indefinite tense  in Passive Voice

Future Indefinite tense   : –

Rule –     O + will/shall + be + verb 3rd form + other word + by + subject

  1. He will read a book.
  2. We shall eat rice.
  3. I shall write a letter.
  4. We shall watch the match.
  5. She will ask two Questions.
  6. You will bring toys.
  7. Your brother will paint this picture.
  8. Father will drive the car.
  9. His son will copy the lesson.
  10. She will drop me a letter.
  11. I shall take tea..
  12. You will teach the lesson.
  13. You will take your meal.
  14. Hari will spread the rumour.
  15. The servant will bring tea early in the
  16. They will make Ranu captain of the cricket team.
  17. The scientist will find out the
  18. Neha will show her classical dances in Bhopal Auditorium.
  19. Your brother will buy a watch.
  20. The farmer will grow more food.
  21. The boy will read the lesson twice.
  22. The scientist will find out the answer.
  23. She will not sign these papers.
  24. I shall read a novel.
  25. Divya will not pay the bill.
  26. Sonam will buy mangoes.
  27. My uncle will pay my tution fee.
  28. He will give you some gifts.
  29. The teacher will not give a test.
  30. The Boby will break the toy.
  31. Mamta will not call me.
  32. I shall say good bye to him.
  33. You will have a cup of coffee.

Future Indefinite tense (voice)

Future Indefinite tense