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Q. fill up the blanks-                                                                                   M C Q 

PART -1 

fill up the blanks

1. The passengers were very happy _______ the friendly and warm treatment given to them.
(a) From (b) To
(c) By (d) About
2. The higher you go, the more difficult it _______ to breathe.
(a) Is becoming (b) Became
(c) Has become (d) Becomes
3. The children were disappointed because they had hoped _______ with us.
(a) Would have gone (b) To had gone
(c) To have gone (d) To go
4. She stood _______ Amit, but could not utter a single word for quite some time.
(a) About (b) Before
(c) For (d) To
5. He is the friend _______ I trust most.
(a) Which (b) Who
(c) Him (d) Whom
6. You must dispense _______ his service.
(a) With (b) Of
(c) In (d) At
7. The telephone _______ several times before I answered it.
(a) Has rung (b) Was ringing
(c) Would ring (d) Had rung
8. I shall not desert him _______ all the world.
(a) By (b) For
(c) With (d) From
9. I bought a new car last year, but I _______ my old car yet, so at present I have two cars.
(a) Have sold (b) Did not sell
(c) Could not sell (d) Have not sold
10. No sooner did he go in _______ he came out.
(a) Than (b) And
(c) Then (d) When
11. The judge acquitted the prisoner _______ the charge of murder.
(a) About (b) From
(c) Of (d) With
12. An argument _______ between the two friends.
(a) Broke out (b) Broke in
(c) Sprang up (d) Rose up
13. When I was a child, I _______ to school everyday instead of going by cycle.
(a) Had walked (b) Have walked
(c) Walked (d) Have been walking
14. Nobody has come to see us _______ we bought these fierce dogs.
(a) Since (b) For
(c) When (d) Till
15. He ran _______
(a) Quickly (b) so quickly
(c) Quick (d) So quick
16. In Bush, Saddam was up _______ more than his match.
(a) Into (b) For
(c) To (d) Against
17. The doctor advised him to go _______ several medical tests.
(a) Through (b) Into
(c) Under (d) About
18. If you persist in telling lies to me I shall sue you _______ slander.
(a) For (b) On
(c) With (d) To
19. The waiter hasn’t bought the coffee _______ I’ve been here an hour already.
(a) Up (b) Till
(c) Still (d) Yet
20. The modern club is simply a more refined substitute _______ the old fashioned tavern.
(a) For (b) With
(c) Of (d) To
21. After the advice of the father, he has reconciled _______ his wife.
(a) With (b) To
(c) Into (d) By

22. The doctor tried both penicillin and sulphanilamide; the penicillin proved to be the _______ effective drug.
(a) Most (b) bad
(c) Very (d) More
23. However honest he _______, I do not trust him.
(a) Might be (b) Could be
(c) Is (d) May be
24. He became the Governor of a Province _______
(a) In course of time (b) At times
(c) Little by little (d) By and large
25. _______ the rain stopped, the play to be suspended.
(a) When (b) Since
(c) While (d) Until
26. Apparently he was feeling _______ about his bad luck.
(a) Angry (b) Anger
(c) Angst (d) Angrily
27. She _______ her grandfather, she has blue eyes.
(a) Takes after (b) Takes on
(c) Takes in (d) Takes to
28. The inspector of excise has to conduct regular checks and _______ to visit the unit at least once a day.
(a) Is requiring (b) Required
(c) Is required (d) Requires
29. He has been recently discharged _______ the army.
(a) To (b) From
(c) Off (d) By
30. I wish I _______ taller.
(a) Had been (b) Were
(c) Would be (d) Could be
31. _______ you do not work you cannot succeed.
(a) Till (b) Until
(c) If (d) Unless
32. The sun _______ at six this morning.
(a) Arose (b) Aroused
(c) Rose (d) Raised
33. You’re coming to the movie, _______ ?
(a) Won’t you (b) Isn’t it
(c) Can’t you (d) Aren’t you
34. He is being considered _______ senior managerial position.
(a) For (b) Towards
(c) Of (d) To
(e) By
35. The high Court _______ the death sentence of the prisoner.
(a) Set about (b) Set aside
(c) Set down (d) Set upon
36. I object _______ waiting. You are always late for appointments.
(a) To keep (b) To keeping
(c) To (d) To being kept
37. Baggage can be covered _______ loss or accident during travel.
(a) A long (b) With
(c) Against (d) For
38. I suggest that the meeting _______ postponed.
(a) Be (b) Would be
(c) Is (d) For
39. The wood always _______ on water.
(a) Floats (b) Floated
(c) Float (d) Was floating
40. By this time next year Rajesh will _______ his University Degree in Marketing Management.
(a) Have took (b) Have taken
(c) Has taken (d) Had taken
41. If I _______ you I would not stand this humiliation.
(a) Am (b) Was
(c) Be (d) Were
42. The meeting was presided _______ by the Prime Minister.
(a) Up (b) Over
(c) On (d) Upon
43. The teacher warned him _______ that type of lapse.
(a) In (b) Against
(c) Towards (d) Of
44. I devote much of my time _______ writing.
(a) On (b) AT
(c) In (d) To


1. C 2. D 3. D 4. B 5. D 6. A 7. D   8. B 9. D 10. A 11. C 12. C 13. C 14. A 15. A 16. D 17. A

18. A 19. D 20. A 21. B  22. D 23. D 24. A 25. D 26. A 27. A 28. C 29. B 30. B

31. C 32. C 33. D 34. A 35. B   36. D 37. C 38. A 39. A 40. B 41. D 42. B  43. B 44. D

fill up the blanks