Famous Sports Persons


 Today we are going to tell you some famous  Sports Persons . friends this post is belong to  some famous sports persons.sports persons  is very useful to know about his personality  and what ever is done about of his  work. so friends read this blog and continue read it and  enjoy it . Famous Sports Persons

                                                                        Sports persons

Q.1.  Mary Kom is associated with  which sports ?

(A)   Boxing                 (B)    Wrestling                 (C)   None of these

Ans.   (A)   Boxing

Q.2. Cassius  Clay was  a great boxer . what name is the  known by ?

(A)   Mike Tyson                (B)    Muhammad Ali                  (C)   None of these

Ans.   (B)    Muhammad Ali

Q.3. The  Only Olympian  ever to be  awarded the  Noble  Peace .

. (A)  Philip Noel – Baker     (B)    Muhammad Ali                  (C)   None of these

Ans.   (A)  Philip Noel – Baker

Q.4. Who carried the  Indian  flag at  the  opening  ceremony of 2012 London Olympics ?

. (A)  Abhinav Bindra      (B)    Sushil Kumar           (C)   None of these

Ans.   (B)    Sushil Kumar

Q.5. Pankaj Advani is a  world champion  in which sport?

(A)  Snooker and  Billiards       (B)    Table Tennis            (C)   None of these

Ans.  (A)  Snooker and  Billiards

Q.6.  Pele was  a great player  of which game ?

(A)  Hockey        (B)    Football             (C)   None of these

Ans.  (B) Football

Q.7.  Jwala  Gutta  , is  a national champion  in which  sport?

(A)  Tennis        (B)    Badminton           (C)   None of these

Ans.    (B)  Badminton

Q.8. Viswanathan Anand is a  champion of which  sport?

(A)  Snooker        (B)    Chess             (C)   None of these

Ans.  (B) chess

Q.9.  Who won  the gold  medal  in  men’s Javelin   throw and   made  a new  record at the  2008  Olympics ?

(A)   Andreas Thorkildsen        (B)    Rajyavardhan Singh  Rathore             (C)   None of these

Ans.  (A)   Andreas Thorkildsen

Q.10.  Who won the  2012  London Olympics bronze medal in  the  10 m Air  Rifle event ?

. (A)  Abhinav Bindra      (B)   Gagan Narang           (C)   None of these

Ans.  (B)   Gagan Narang

some famous sports persons

some famous sports persons