Errors finding in Articles

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Errors finding in Articles

Problems on Articles 

1. In Science the  credit goes to a man(A) / who convinces the world (B)/ nor  to the man to whom(C)/ the idea first(D)occurs / No Error.(E)

2. It is only after (A)/ the war is over (B)/ that people realise(C) / how bad it was(D) / No Error.(E)

3. Of the two(A) /answers,this(B) / bis definitely (C)/ better (D)/ no error .(E)

4. He is unfortunate enough (A)/ to lose (B)/ few  friends he made (C)/ during his stay at Patna (D)/No Error.(E)

5.There  were a number(A) / of  pretty girls in the party (B)/ but it was  Ragini(C) / who remained a centre of  attraction(D) /No error..(E)

Answer – 

  1. (A)     2. (B)        3. (D)       4. (C)            5. (D)

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Articles error finding


Errors finding in Articles