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Non Conventional sources of energy

Power Resources

Electricity Power

Power Resources – Types, Distribution, Uses and  Conservation

Man is an active being, he uses power to perform each activity. In ancient times his activities were limited, slowly he started using power resources like animals, wood ,air  and water with the development of civilization. But now basic resources like coal, mineral oil and electricity are used for operating machines and transportation in this time of industrial development.

We can say that the sources of power which are used by man for his different activities are known as power resources.

Power resources may be classified into two categories.

1.Exhaustible resources     2. Renewable resources.

 Exhaustible resources are those resources which are limited  and exhaust with the  use Coal, Petroleum , Natural gas etc. Renewable resources do not exhaust  Electricity , Wind energy  , Solar energy etc.

                Now a days power resources are the basis of overall development. Different  activities like agriculture , industries ,transportation and other commercial activities are  based on the availability of these power resources.

                               Exhaustible resources  are considered  important because of their utility at the same time they become more important because  of the doubt that they  will be  exhausted.

Renewable resources can be replenished and  will be available in future. The availability of these resources has become very important  because man is very much dependent on them .

            After independence power resources have increased rapidly in India. Government  is also making continuous efforts to empower the country regarding power resources without this industrial development security is impossible. Ministry of steel , mining and fuel are working in this direction.

Present status of power resources in India is as follows.

1. Conventional sources of Energy  –

Coal , Petroleum ,Natural Gas and  Electricity.

2. Non Conventional sources of energy –

 Solar  energy ,Wind energy , Bio energy , Geo-thermal energy etc.

 New Resources of Power

Power Resources –

Exhaustible resources

Renewable resources

Conventional sources of Energy

Non Conventional sources of energy

Electricity Power

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