Dear Teacher

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Today we are going to tell you  Dear Teacher . know about  teacher .friends  this post  related to  class 11th HM of lesson -3 & 4 . to read the question & answer. its very important to examinations purpose . friends read this blogs continue and  update your self .Dear teacher is written by Abraham Lincoin .

General English 

Class -11th 

3. Dear Teacher

                                                                                             – Abraham Lincoin

Q.1. who is the writer of the letter? Who is the  addressee?

Ans. The writer of this letter is Abraham Lincoin. The letter is written to the teacher of his son.

Q.2.How are the bullies the easiest to defeat?

Ans. Bullies are the easiest to defeat because they can be easily targeted.

Q.3. what is worse than failure?

Ans. Cheating is worse than failure.      

4.The Shepherd          

                                                  – William Blake

Q.1. what does  the  shepherd do all the day ?

Ans. He follows his sheep.

Q.2. when is the shepherd watchful?

Ans. He is watchful when in the night, his sheep is resting in peace.

Q.3. why is the shepherd considered to be lucky?

Ans. The shepherd is considered is to be lucky because he has got a sweet lot of sheep. Not only this,the sheep feel quite safe when under his  charge.

Q.4. why does he feel pleasure on hearing the lamb’s call and its mother’s response?

Ans. He feels pleasure because the lamb’s call is very innocent. Moreover, the ewe’s replay is pretty tender.

Q.5. why is  the lamb’s call described innocent ?

Ans. The lamb’s call is described as innocent because it is from a very young animal. At that  age it is  not supposed to be  calculating. It is simply calling its mother.

Q.6. Why does the sheep feel secure?

Ans. The sheep feel secure because their shepherd is near them. he is  keeping a  watchful eye and  so they need  not  worry.

Dear Teacher


4.The Shepherd