Daily learn English


TODAY I AM GOING TO TELL YOU ABOUT Daily learn English words……………….

Daily use Speaking words

Daily use words – 4 speaking

Let me get ready – में जरा तैयार हो  लू

Please take a chair – कृपया कुर्सी  पर वेठिये

Where is sir ? – सर कहाँ  है 

I don’t know where he has gone – मालूम नहीं कहा चले गए

Some one has come to meet you – आपसे मिलने  कोई आया है

what  is  this –  यह क्या है

Who is there ? –कौन  है

Daily learn English

I have been coming out since morning. में सुबह से बाहर  निकला हूँ wa

I will do rest for a while. में थोड़ा आराम करूँगा

You have taken to much time. आपने बहुत देर कर दी

Daily use Speaking words

Daily use Speaking words