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Today we are going to tell you  friends  lesson – 4 .To The  Cuckoo. friends this is a poem . this poem is written  by  William  Words Worth. and  in this poem  told  about a birds  his name is  Cuckoo……

Special English 

Class -10th 

4.To the Cuckoo

                                                                                      – William Wordsworth

Q.1. Read the Extract and answer  the following  questions –

Stanza.1.  While I am  lying on the grass

                 Thy twofold shout I hear ;

                 From hill to hill it seems to pass

                  At once far  off and  near.

Q.1 . who does ‘I’ stand for in the  above stanza?

Ans.  ‘I’ here stands for the  poet, Wordsworth.

Q.2. Where is he Lying ?

Ans.  He is lying  on the grass.

Q.3. What seems to pass from hill to hill?

Ans. The Cuckoo’s twofold shout seems to pass  from hill to  hill.

Q.4. Give the rhyme scheme of the stanza.

Ans. A b a b.

Stanza 2. To seek thee did I often rove

               Through woods and  on the green ;

               And  thou wert still a hope , a love;

               Still longed for, never seen.

Q.1. Who does ‘thee’ refer to in the above stanza?

Ans.  ‘Thee’ here refers to ‘the cuckoo’.

Q.2. Where does  the poet rove?

Ans. The Poet Rove through woods and  on the  grass.

Q.3. Explain : ‘Thou wert still a hope’.

Ans. ‘Thou wert still a hope ‘ means that  the  poet failed to see the cuckoo whom he longed to see.


Word :                                        Meaning

Wander      :               To Walk slowly around without any direction or purpose

Stride         :               To Walk with long steps

Stamp        :               To Crash by putting down the foot with force.

Creep         :               To crawl, sweeping the ground with the belly.

Loiter         :              To linger about in a public place usually with no obvious reasons. To go with a lame gait.

Stroll          :               To ramble

Rove          :                  To Travel from one place to another, often with no definite purpose.