Crops Variety & Green Revolution

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In Madhya Pradesh improved varieties of different crops  have been developed. Improved variety means such variety of crops which are  produced in large quantity and which are  more resistant against diseases and pests. Some  of improved crops of Madhya Pradesh such as wheat , Maize ,Paddy etc.

Crops Variety & Green Revolution

Crops                                 Variety

Wheat                                 Sujata ,Sharbati , Vidisha G.W.273 , MP4010

Paddy                                 J.R.   75 , Kranti

Maize                                 Jawahar  Makka – 08  , Jawahar Makka- 12

Gram                                  J.G.  -11 , J.G. – 74 , j.G. – 75

Soyabean                   JS 90-41 , JS- 80-81 , Js – 355 , JS -9560 , JS -9041 , JS -8021  

Types Of Farming  : —

  1. General Farming
  2. Specific farming
  3. Dry Farming
  4. Mixed farming
  5. Irrigated farming


Systems of Farming : —

      1.Individual farming

  1. Collective farming
  2. Co – operative farming
  3. Farming
  4. Farming


Contribution of Government agencies in Agricultural development  –  

In 1966-67 a new era was started due to a technological change by green revolution for the  improvement of agriculture in India .

Green Revolution –

Green Revolution means rapid increase in agricultural production by the use of seeds of high yielding variety, chemical fertilizer and new technology. The impact of g Green Revolution in India is visible in the form of increased food grain production. Adoption of high yielding variety of seeds in increasing in Indian agriculture. Increase in production of wheat and rice in Punjab , Haryana ,Uttar Pradesh ,Gujarat , Tamil Nadu ,Andhra Pradesh and Telangana is due to the adoption of seeds of H.Y.V. Characteristics of Green Revolution  are as follows –

  • Use of high yielding variety seeds
  • Use of chemical fertilizers
  • Use of pesticides
  • Extension of agricultural machinery , tools and implements
  • Extension of small and medium irrigation projects
  • Use of New techniques for soil conservation
  • Fixation of support price of agricultural products
  • Encouragement to agricultural research and soil testing
  • To improve good facilities for agricultural marketing .
  • Extention of finance and loan facilities for agriculture.

Crops Variety & Green Revolution


Crops Variety & Green Revolution