Congratulating letters 2019

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Today we are going to tell you about Congratulating letters 2019  writing so friends  read and share it .


Letter Writing

 Congratulating letters 

Q.1. Write a letter to your  friend Congratulating him on being selected for  famous  TV Quiz show. Give  himtips on how to prepare for the quiz , how to overcome nervousness on facing the  camera ,and  how to react on winning.

Ans. 394, Pathak Colony

Gwalior M.P.

March 29,2019

My dear  Gaurav,

  Thank you very much for your letter.I was delighted to know that  you have been selected for famous TV Quiz show. I hope you  would do  good Remember, it is a rare occasion. You should do wisely , Never loose  your  heart. Prepare well. Some current topic must be at your fingers ends. Don’t forget to remember some important points. Don’t get  hopeless. Be  quick in your approach. Don’t think much on questions which confuse you. Time counts most. I am sure you will not miss.

With all my best  wishes.


R.K. Sharma

 Q.2. Write a letter to your friends describing him your visit to a sea – side  like the famous Marina Beach of  Chennai or  Juhu Beach in Mumbai.


394 Pathak Colony

Kampoo Lashkar 

Gwalior  M.P.

 Dear Geetansh ,

 Last Month , I had a short visit to Bombay. I liked the city very much . I want to share the joy of my visit to you .  First of all , we reached Victoria Terminal station in the  morning. Then  I  decided to visit Juhu Beach that is most attractive spot for the tourist . There , I was  surprised to see the  beautiful scene of the nature. People were enjoying waves at the beach. I enjoyed bhelpuri and coconut water. It is really and exciting experience. If you had  been  with me, I would feel much overjoyed.



Congratulating letters 

Congratulating letters