competitions exam prepositions

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today we are going to tell you some important prepositions exercise to help in competitions exam prepositions. 

Revision Test – 2


  1. She is proud ……her beauty.          at          b. on          c. of        d. about
  2. They have invited us ….attend the function. for                  c. up to        d. at
  3. We offer heartiest congratulation …..your success. A .at on          c. upon         d.for
  4. M/s Gopal & Sons are the famous  dealers ……sugar and wheat .A.of     in .  D for
  5. He showed much affection … when I met  him recently. A .for   to  c. with  d. towards.
  6. He entered …….the gate without any  A. by      b.from       d. into
  7. He aimed ……. The target and fired. A. to b. at  on  d.up.
  8. The man killed ….. road accident was a stranger. A. of by        d.on
  9. He did not go…….the right direction. A. to by      d.into
  10. The train reached …….the station right time. to     c.on        d.not required
  11. He passed …… this information to me . out       b. on         d. away
  12. The man died …..heart attack without receiving any treatment. A.of  in    c.with
  13. He called … late at night to communicate the message. A.upon    on    d. up
  14. The accuse ran away …… the police custody.   from        B.of
  15. My friend called … to offer congratulation on my    B.upon    C.on
  16. This mark is not …. Your favour.   to  B. for      D. of
  17. He acted well …… accordance with low.    with B. by    C. in
  18. He filled an appeal ….. the higher court .   with     D.for     
  19. An appeal has been admitted …. The supreme Court.  by   B.into   C. with
  20. The absentee was reported to be ….bed since last three days. A. at in C. on   D.into
  21. When I enterd the room he was lying …. Bed.  over   B. at    C. on    D. in
  22. Please accompany me …. My room to collect the material   for   C. upto     D. into
  23. He met me …. The way near the park after a long time . A. in B. by   on   D.into
  24. This item has been included ….  The  agenda of the  meeting . A.into   on  D. with
  25. He has made good progress …. English now.    with   B. in    C.into   D. of


competitions exam prepositions