Common errors -GRAMMAR

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Common errors -GRAMMAR                    

Exercise  -1

1. She told me(a)\ that she(b)\thanks me for the work(c)\ I had done(d)\ no errors(e)

Answer  – (c)

2. This city is(a) \bigger than(b) \many cities in(c)\India(d)\ no errors(e)

Answer  – (c)

3.  As I (a)\looked down the(b)\height my head(c)\began to circle(d)\No errors(e)

Answer  – (d)

4.  We have to make(a)\ sacrifices(b)\to defend this(c)\hardly won freedom(d)\no errors (e)

Answer  (d)

5. He talks (a)\ as if he (b) \ is the richest (c)/ man of the town (d)\ no errors (e)

Answer  – (c)

6. She had scarcely (a)/heard the news of her(b) \mother’s death(c)\ than she wept (d)\ no error (e)

Answer  – (c)

7. Until you (a)\ waste (b)\ your time you cannot(c)\ pass (d)\ no errors (e)

Answer  – (a)

8. I would always(a)\ fight for my county even if (b)\ I am put in the most (c)/  hazardous position(d)\ no errors (e)

Answer  – (c)

9. There is nothing (a)\ so useful or more (b)\ encouraging (c)\ than your support (d)\ no error (e)

Answer  –  (b)

10. My friend’s essay (a) / is superior (b)\ than that of any (c)\ one else (d)\no error (e)

Answer – (b)

11. No sooner (a) \had he reached the station (b)\when (c)\ the train started (d)\ no error (e)

Answer –  (c)

12.The book (a)\which I gave you is (b)\more preferable than (c)\ this one (d)\ no error (e)

Answer  –  (c)

Common errors 

Common errors -GRAMMAR