Cloze test

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Cloze test

Close  Test – 01

Cloze Test -GRAMMAR
Economic backwardness of a region is……(1)……by the co-existence of unutilized or underutilized …….(2)…..on the one hand and……(3)……natural resources, on the other. Economic development essentially means a process of ……(4)……change whereby the real per capita income of an economy…..(5)…..over a period of time. Then, a simple but meaningful question arises; what causes economic development? Or what makes a country developed? This question has absorbed the …..(6)…..of scholars of socio-economic change for decades. Going through the…..(7)……history of developed countries like America, Russia and Japan, man is essentially found as …..(8)……in the process of economic development. Japan, whose economy was …..(9)…..damaged from the ravages of the Second World War, is the clearest example of our time to …..(10)….kingpin role in economic development.

1. (a) developed (b) cured
(c) improved (d) enhanced
(e) characterised

2. (a) sources (b) finances
(c) funds (d) manpower
(e) industries

3. (a) exhaustive (b) unexploited
(c) abundant (d) indefinite
(e) unreliable

4. (a) upward (b) drastic
(c) negligible (d) incredible
(e) sudden

5. (a) diminishes (b) degenerates
(c) increases (d) succumbs
(e) stabilizes

6. (a) plans (b) attempts
(c) attention (d) resources
(e) strategy

7. (a) existing (b) glorious
(c) ancient (d) economic
(e) discouraging

8. (a) pivotal (b) neutral
(c) insignificant (d) enchanted
(e) vicious

9. (a) increasingly (b) always
(c) gradually (d) deliberately
(e) badly

10. (a) enlighten (b) validate
(c) negate (d) underestimate
(e) belittle

 Answer : 
1. E 2. D 3. B 4. B  5. C 6. C 7. D 8. A  9. E 10. B

Cloze Test -GRAMMAR